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5/10 c6 KiraiZero
it sad that this was dropped it was really good
5/4 c6 1VividSilverWolf
I like this story. I hope that you will come back to it one day and finish it
3/12 c6 Evan
'Updates will be a little slower' yeah wasn't expecting 5 years slow. Great story. Sad you didn't continue it
1/27 c6 biob1
Good work I have enjoyed this.
1/25 c3 biob1
Very nice work keep it up
1/25 c2 biob1
Great job
7/14/2021 c3 2herohero21
Holy shit your afterwords take up 1/4 of a chapter
7/14/2021 c2 herohero21
i think i prefer Zangetsu now
7/9/2021 c6 Guest
Great story, started it today, a shame you haven't continued in almost 4 years
5/25/2021 c3 455
Boring shit... I wonder why would people read this.
5/26/2021 c6 11Mukuro234
This is an awesome fan fiction!
5/24/2021 c6 jolber torrealba
Cuando vas a seguir con la historia es una de las mejores que leĆ­do
5/3/2021 c6 Guest
This is so good
5/3/2021 c6 noplaynogame3
very good bro. very good. LOL . Continue please.
4/23/2021 c6 TheWolf87
Ichigo's letter was hilarious, it reminded me of Ichigo from the fic Candy.
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