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6/5 c25 Coolguy001
Man nice story and no offense but after the marriage the way he agrees to everything shirley says is a bit of downer .
6/3 c25 Janny092
Seriously this is very annoying, after speed-running/reading this it sucks that I'm already finish reading all of the chapters.

Bloody hell it is a very annoying thing to experience, but anyway author-san please update more soon since I cannot wait how House Lannister would react with Lelouch all but conquered all Five of the Seven kingdoms with Iron Islands close to being added to the list.
5/31 c25 Guest
hey u r gonna continue this right ! Right!
5/31 c1 Death's-Touch
also really looking forward to see how euphemia and lelouch meeting goes afterall he almost loved her as much as nunnally
5/31 c1 Death's-Touch
just speedrunned the thing and i need more
5/28 c25 Genesis09
I just marathoned this story over the past few days and I'm loving it. I can't wait to see what happens next.
5/25 c25 Boomer14
Just binge reading this shit and goddamn do i love it! My personal favorites is how our Lulu scared the fuck out of The Old Gods, Rhllor, and TER... I mean how is that not badass?!
5/24 c23 Zack Sager
dam smart i think it stupid for royals think one city means your king lol. just put the capital elsewhere.
also really enjoying this novel
5/18 c15 radTWITCH
This story would be so much better if this Shirley chic wasn't in it she sucks.
5/18 c24 M1stymix
Since - in the intervening period between (the time mentioned) and the time under consideration, typically the present.
"she hasn't spoken to him since last year"

Sense - a feeling that something is the case.
"she had the sense of being a political outsider"
5/15 c6 Celtend
You know, thinking about it, the dragons are essentially the living knightmare frames in asoiaf, a nearly insurmountable force multiplier.
5/11 c25 Guest
Please update soon because the wait for the climax and conclusion of this war is killing me
5/12 c25 3Fleet Corner Trimmer 2415 L.S
It has been a looooong time since I was reading this
Sorry about that

You're story is as good as ever, spelling mistakes here and there but overall it's better than when I stopped last time
Keep up the good work
5/9 c25 Guest
During the attack on the Golden Tooth, shouldn't it be rather obvious that after abandoning King's Landing, the Lannisters would retreat back to Casterly Rock especially since Tywin and his armies are trapped in the Westerlands by Robb's army and the Northen Army and Lelouch's guerilla force (wolf pack) considering that it's the regional capital of the Westerlands and that it's supposedly an impregnable fortress, though probably not so against Lelouch's artilleries.
5/8 c25 Bashleyz
Good. I wait the next.
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