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7/30 c27 Ddraig0117
can i adopt it?
7/8 c7 Monstrr
Why does everyone say speak like “indeed it is brother”. It’s just brother this and brother that. It’s unnatural and really ruins some of the moments for me.
7/4 c27 Guest
If no is adopting this story by now can you please update to conclude this version of the War of the Five Kings?
6/20 c16 lovelytee
I ship Sansa with Jeremiah
hey author can take this fic up for adoption
5/17 c27 Guest
Dude, where is the new chapter?
5/15 c21 KMF-G
Okay, so Sansa suddenly became in love with Diana, despite saying otherwise in one of previous chapter...after sex.

Apparently, being child preyed upon by adult lesbian(Diana) makes her fall in love...after some time.

Clearly, author has her/his issues wit letter salad by forcing them become inserted in where they make way less sense.
4/21 c10 3BrotherCaptainSheperd
Bro, I would just like to point out that House Stark has had Ice hundreds of years before the conquest. It's just that.
4/9 c27 Guest
Hope you finish this bro I wanna the night king shit ice bricks when he is bathed in a sea of wild fire, napalm, obsidian grenades, obsidian grape shot

And I really hope lulu encourages the population growth if giants

Make them loyal tanks in his armies in Westeros

I’m salivating imagining a fully armored giant with a tower shield and steel reinforced tree trunk maces

Hope lulu on trains them how to shoot canons also when on castles or in siege

I guess to them it would be more like a riffle if they added a place the giant could grip with

The giants would be terfifiying to be up against if lulu places them as guards of Winterfell

I’m imagining at least 5 or 10 giants in every 5000 normal troops

And around maybe 30 or 20 inside his castle

Imagine them trained and educated bro! Wtf are war mammoths or elephants gonna do when they wage war on Essos and beyond?

The giants would be unstoppable with proper training and education

If the lulu elevated them he would buy their loyalty

And in enough generations maybe they could speak in full sentences

Oooh and I hope lulu has a dire wolf pack preserve for future starks
4/8 c23 Guest
Dang that fight was shifting fish in a barrel lol
4/8 c23 Guest
Seriously tho when you think about it lulu used patriotism like a freakin sword lol

Which granted was pretty fuckin easy since most lords treat peasants like they were expendable cattle they can abuse without being punished

Lulu just had to treat them like they his children and they would die for him

Also I don’t get why the lords don’t acknowledge how freakin dangerous the news papers are

The fuckin guy controlled information dang it!
4/8 c19 Guest
I’m surprised lulu doesn’t carry around a revolver

I’m sure the guy could make small arms even if it’s a single shot flint lock but I dunno if he would settle with some thing so plebeian and go with the harder to make modern bullets for personal use

Or a hidden blade like in the AC games

I can see him wearing decorative looking metal bracers with snarling wolves that the blades extend out of

And it would be over his wrist and not under it cuz the north likes straight forward ness and shit and the things are for CQC emergencies anyways

He could call them his wolf fangs or claws

If I was him I would have AC hidden blades on both arms and modified ones for all my shoes

And all coated in poison
4/8 c16 Guest
Hmmm can’t lulu carpet bomb the white walker army with guns and wild fire?

With trebuchets and mortars? He’s gonna need a whole lot of them but with the north’s land and wealth I’m confident lulu could make it happen and drown the true north in a sea of flame

Also! If Jeremiah has kids would they be as strong as he is? Would his blood line be full of super knights?

It would be cool if the duos sons and daughters would loosely follow in their footsteps in the future and be partners to bring about innovation and change

The brains and the brawn in harmony
4/8 c11 Guest
Would be awesome if lulu made a revolvers and sawed off double barrel shotguns for his family

Maybe a pepperbox pistols if revolvers are too complex

Small pistol shotguns and shotgun shells would probably be easier for lulu tho now that I think about it

I’m sure now that lulu has some stainless steel and others he can make precision tools for personal arms for his circle

And some fragmentation grenades for his personal use

Hope lulu makes flame throwers and mortar shells with wild fire tho

Maybe some rockets filled with wildfire?
4/2 c3 Hoosthat
This fic has a lot of issues but what makes it unbearable is the characters names. Lame.
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