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12/13/2021 c27 Reader
Hey, glad to see this story is still continuing, the wait has been worth it.
Great chapter, hope to see another one :)
12/15/2021 c25 SvenTheDecoy
aren't the rest of the Starks technically princes and princesses now?
12/15/2021 c24 SvenTheDecoy
BS. bran could train just fine in winterfell. kind of surprised you went along with this. he only goes north in canon because it's not safe due to Boltons and freys and ironborns. no need for him to go now
12/14/2021 c17 SvenTheDecoy
looking forward to Ned dying
12/14/2021 c18 SvenTheDecoy
please either kill euphie or stop giving her povs.
12/14/2021 c17 SvenTheDecoy
he doesn't see the use of dragons against monsters made of ice? you sure he's smart?
12/14/2021 c12 SvenTheDecoy
aren't they supposed to be using blunted swords in tournaments? intentionally maiming or killing your opponent is also taboo.
12/14/2021 c7 SvenTheDecoy
lelouch marrying arianne is the dumbest possible move, unless arianne abdicates, which you didn't mention as an option. why would lelouchand i cant believe you actually kept that ridiculous name) give up the future headship of the north to be a consort in dorne?
12/14/2021 c27 Starkig Skip
Yay Update
12/14/2021 c27 1Vegito is King
I wonder which song would be the most appropriate for this chapter? The Master, All Hail Britannia, or something else? Either way I hope Jeremiah makes an appearance soon so that the words ALL HAIL LELOUCH can make their appearance.
12/11/2021 c27 Guest
love it
12/11/2021 c27 Guest
I personally liked the chapter.
12/13/2021 c27 jdota
Good chapter! Considering I thought you said you were abandoning this fic, I'm glad you updated at all!

You should've had Lelouch ask Robb if Ned would've wanted them to kill Jamie Lannister in revenge? That would've shut up Robb real fast, since he knows his father wouldn't want that. Ned was always clear about vengeance vs justice, especially if he knew that Jamie had later done the "right" thing.
But Lelouch had a good point: they can't just destroy the Lannisters, and it's better if they leave more than just Tyrion alive. They lost, but at least Tywin went out with some dignity to keep his house's power in the West, and Jamie also did the right thing. Their shitty position was mostly due to Cersei's idiocy.

Robb also didn't seem keen on removing the nobles' bannermen, so maybe it's time Lelouch tells him about his past life? Lelouch needs a new confidant to replace Ned, someone NOT his wife, even though Shirley and Euphemia already sort of know about it. I think it will give him some peace of mind to have his friend/brother/ally/lord to confide in. Lelouch should explain to Robb that it's kind of… weird? That this world has been stuck for 8000 years with no change. And the only way to change that is slowly eliminating the feudal system (which is ironic, since Britannia still had it in 2017, but that was weird, too). But the king needs to remove the nobles first, rather than vice versa, otherwise the nobles would never let go of power.

I really liked Tyrion's insights and observations this chapter, especially how he was able to put the big picture together. That was a good line, how he knew Lelouch didn't want his father to die, but still planned around it.

Honestly I had forgot about Stannis. Feels like so long ago that Lelouch saw Renly die. I guess this is about the best outcome for him as well.

I was going to ask who would inherit the North now if Lelouch is king and Robb is already tied to the Riverlands, and Bran has already left… BUT, I forgot that Lelouch destroyed the capital and is moving it! Normally I'd say that wouldn't work. It's just too far from all the major trading hubs, and the cold weather would limit trade and travel and such. But then again, with all of Lelouch's uplift, that probably won't be an issue. Still, he'll probably have to build up White Harbor a lot. A capital without water access is a problem. Thank god you didn't build a freaking canal like most GoT uplift fics, but they'll need something.

Thanks again for the update!
12/12/2021 c27 7Paxloria
Good chapter!

I'm Happy the story wasn't abandoned!
12/12/2021 c26 Jon 'Fatjon' Umber
thanks for another great chapter
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