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for A Road of My Own

4/16/2019 c10 xenocanaan
I hope to read more soon!
4/8/2018 c8 hopper.codelyoko
Okay so, I really enjoyed the first chapters very very much. But then it started getting more obscure than ever and now i'm confused. Also in chapter 8(7) you keep switching between 'I' and 'she/her', could you stick to one? Also if you really meant her as in Kyoko can you at least put names occasionally? Him and hers go everywhere when there's more than one character. The sudden 'I' is also very confusing because is this in first POV? So why the fuck did you put 'I blah blah her' when you were still referring to Su (At least I assume you were) it gave me a major headache trying to decipher this chapters. It didn't happen in the previous chapters so is there something wrong? An temporarily absent editor/beta reader? I really don't mind waiting if it means a legible chapter content. Names. Please. Also who the fuck is Ghoul kun? American? Onyx eyes there are feminine in art but sharp on him? A dream? Please somehow signify a change in the scenario as well with an italicised test or smth? Also I got really lost in the nurses office scene, who spilled the water? Why was it spilled? who the hell did it spill on in the end? who is your her referring to? why did Kyoko stumble? I don't get the bathroom reference. why the hell were they chased out of the nurses office? As a faculty member she should be tolerant of students to an extent and allow them to finish changing before chasing them away. She's a /nurse/, she should be looking out for the students' health. Not chase them away when one is obviously still dripping wet (with what i have no idea because you said liquid spilled but not what liquid from where and why) and obviously going to be sick. Also you meant she attended the remaining lessons while still dripping wet? Teachers? idk man i have a heck more questions and confusion about this chapter. The few chapters befor ethis too. Because there are some parts where I assume you expect us to understand because implications but? I don't understand. Pretend I'm an idiot and explain everything please. Also read through 8(7) again
4/7/2018 c8 birb345
Wow! I love the way you changed that one canon scene where Ryohei gets beat up to include all of them. I love love love it when Kyoko gets training and a chance to shine, and I also love the Pack! And... uh. Hoping Takeshi will grow on Suyin too XD

Can't wait to see when Tsuna will come in and how he'll for into their group dynamic!
4/2/2018 c4 Kyuubi Kuroba
Just letting you know that chapter 2 and 3 are essentially the same
4/1/2018 c8 xenocanaan
Great chapter! I can’t wait to read more!
4/1/2018 c8 bloodshound
And Kyoko and her eyes are terrifying.
Don't underestimate the cute ones. XD

seriously, we need to somehow get you more reviewers. Your story is awesome and deserves to be shared.
3/12/2018 c1 Reader
You might want to change the "federal" in your sypnosis into feral.

(That particular typo is a HUGE turn-off.)

I'm actually relunctant to read this fic based on the first chap. It didn't exactly give me something concrete to look forward to. (A must have, if you want people to actually pay attention.)

Tbh, I feel like I've seen this already, and I'm getting the impression that I pretty much just skimmed the chapters because I got bored of reading through blocks of unevocative text.

Props for the effort, though.
3/12/2018 c7 bloodshound
A hard, hard lesson to learn for all of them, but a valuable one.
It's just a pity and shame they had to learn it so early.

Still, I'm glad that they are each approaching strength from a different angle. It will give them wider perspectives.
3/3/2018 c7 xenocanaan
Great chapter!
2/27/2018 c6 xenocanaan
This is a really enjoyable story. I really love the concept. I can’t wait to read more!
2/19/2018 c5 Lady Syndra
Looking forward to the next chapter!
2/4/2018 c4 bloodshound
... wow, everything makes sense from their point of view, but the people out side are left going WTF?

It's like trying to follow a slightly more coherent Pinky's (pinky and t brain) thought processes from the outside. Unless you're in there or a Hibari yourself, it's not going to make sense. XD

Socializing Hibari's is a difficult, difficult thing. XD
2/3/2018 c3 bloodshound
considering how much of a handful those two are, she's doing brilliantly well. XD

both of them would buck against a more rigid control so coaxing them works better.
12/26/2017 c2 bloodshound
lol. unholy terrors the both of them. XD

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