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6/15 c1 33Martin III
So today I decided to dive into Haruhi Suzumiya fan fiction, and after reading through a depressing number of awful ones, I finally reach a good one. I think the mark of a quality fluff fic is that it portrays the characters honestly, rather than making their personalities fluffy to facilitate the tone or plot of the fic. That is the case here; while we could certainly question how Kyon and Haruhi got to this point, we can't question that if they got there, it would be something like this.

You do a terrific job realizing Kyon's snark. Plenty of genuinely humorous bits, the musing on relationships is great, and the fact that he spends much more internal monologue on the wedding arrangements than on, you know, marrying Haruhi, is classic Kyon. Tremendously well-written all around.
12/7/2017 c1 Waffliesinyoface
I like that Kyon and Haruhi's decision to claim they were spending way more than they were on the wedding, by claiming "oh, the dress was totally super expensive. for reals." is great & very in character. As was the proposal over cereal. Who let these problem children be considered adults. xD
11/19/2017 c1 Hirushoten
It's great
11/19/2017 c1 G. S. tol Kriaal
You're so, so good at writing Kyon. I especially like the bit about how "stunning" Haruhi is; it captures both of them so perfectly

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