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for Viva la Vida (The Mother we Share)

12/11/2017 c1 Star-eyed
This is a lovely piece, great work!
11/30/2017 c1 JPElles
Good stuff as usual.
11/30/2017 c1 11Ana of Asgard
Awww, so sweet! I loved Thor Ragnarok! I was a little disappointed when you didn't do the 'I'm here' part where Loki catches the thingy Thor throws at him...but this story was AMAZING!
11/22/2017 c1 datkoi
i loved it! i enjoyed how you expanded on marvels plotline!
11/21/2017 c1 18MoonyEstelChase
I like it! I see now that we had similar story ideas :) I wish I had read this earlier, it's very good!
11/20/2017 c1 6Voldy's pink teddy
I really liked this. Thank you for showing Loki's POV from the last film. It sort of bothered me that he was portrayed to be such a bad ruler, because it seemed out of character (not the egotism, but his lack of concern for the position), and like you, I came to the conclusion that maybe he remembered, at some point that he never wanted to be king. I also thought that perhaps he wasn't sane enough to do well in the position, anymore, but imagined that mental illness might be involved in his lack of ability to rule because he was letting the empire his father built fall apart out of spite, rather than because he was depressed by the ruse he had to keep up. Interesting take on this. Thanks for sharing!
11/19/2017 c1 59Windy Darlington
Is that the after credits part? there at the end? I didn't stay to watch it if it was. Interesting. I liked this. It was nicely done; always, I enjoy your work! :) Unfortunately it still doesn't change the fact that the movie was really shoddily done. I enjoyed this! And I liked how you touched on Loki's wound from Kurse. Also you wrote the Grandmaster perfectly and I liked that! I could honestly hear Jeff Goldblum's voice in my head; nice.


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