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11/20/2017 c1 6HikerLady
Ha ha. I can’t wait to see where this goes. :o)
11/20/2017 c1 99rahleeyah
I am so here for this. Fantastic beginning, and I can't wait to see where it goes from here!
11/20/2017 c1 Dancer
Ha ha I’m enjoying this story very much, will it continue? Please
11/20/2017 c1 416AndAllThatMishigas
I am SO EXCITED to see where this goes. I mean we know where it will go, but I'm eager to see how you'll get us there :D
11/19/2017 c1 155NancyMay
Well, nothing would go as planned, would it? Nice to see something from you again. Looking forward to see where this goes.
11/19/2017 c1 6savedher
i hope there's more. Love the setup!
11/19/2017 c1 maidenpride
More. More. Please!
11/19/2017 c1 AgentKalGibbs
Oh dear god, this will be fantastic! I love fake!married and bedsharing fics :D
11/19/2017 c1 47Crinklybrownleaves
Yay! You’re writing again! And I think this is going to turn out to be very interesting. Jean is being very Jean. Nice.
11/19/2017 c1 9yourjodeanfaceblog
Love this story. Can’t wait for more.
11/19/2017 c1 Breesecretdaught
Hahaha oh this is cute. Lucien is in the dog house with his "wife".
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