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for The Universal War: Tempest of Valentia

9/21/2019 c4 3DS reader
i enjoyed this fanfic because echos was my first fireemblem game, i would really like if you continuedit abit more but its up to you 10/10
4/23/2018 c1 Angron
did you play and mostly finished the Shadows of Valentia and Awakening games?

if this is not the case WARNING SPOILERS!

the game Shadow Of Valentia takes place A THOUSAND Years BEFORE Awakening, Alm was the first emperor and the founder of a dynasty that lasted 1000 years, his name was given to the known continent 1000 later under the name of Valm.


it is therefore strictly impossible for the events of the two games to unfold at the same time, being at two different times

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