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for Goosebumps Aftermath

9/3 c1 kzTsn
Veri n1c3PGYst0rihx
3/11 c1 Jon
Do the aftermath on the Episode click where Kevin must find a way to rescue Seth
3/7 c10 4DragonEmperor999
Oh my that’s crazy
3/7 c7 12Godzilla183
I think Alex and Zack like each other
3/7 c9 4DragonEmperor999
It was awesome and I loved that wish
3/7 c8 DragonEmperor999
3/7 c7 DragonEmperor999
That was my favorite episode.

Mainly because Zach’s Best Male Friend got eaten in his denim vest
2/27 c4 Guest
Dang some of these are really sad.
2/22 c6 DragonEmperor999

Can the Blob that Ate Everyone be next or have something planned
2/22 c5 DragonEmperor999
Not bad
2/12 c1 Guest
The one thing I hated about this episode is how the parents actually allowed their daughter to torment her brother and outright refused to believed that she could do wrong. Favoritism at its best.
1/27 c4 DragonEmperor999
Can you do the blob that ate everyone next please
1/27 c3 DragonEmperor999
1/27 c2 DragonEmperor999
1/27 c1 DragonEmperor999
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