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2/5/2018 c4 iZuikaku
Go with mostly Japanese heroes, maybe some who are OTPs/famous pairings like Okita and Nobunaga or Nero, female Hakuno and Tamamo.
2/4/2018 c4 8Qrious writ3r
By which list do you mean event servant list or servant list by class?

If the first idk, maybe something out of season like the halloween list or christmas.
If the second,personally, I'd like to see a saber and/or caster be summoned this time.
2/4/2018 c4 anonimo
Miyamoto musashi para naruto o Tamamo o incluso devil saber no se si minamoto no raiko pero cualquiera de esos esta bien.
1/28/2018 c3 Cloud 9 Fish
this is very interesting
1/14/2018 c1 AmethystPone
Adding OC and nerfing/altered Naruto this heavily is really not good for your fic.
Ditch the OC and this might be a true Naruto x FGO.
And even then, the Naruto here feels more like an OC Naruto that is much weaker (and have different power/move set) than the real Naruto (Servant container not withstanding), and only carry the name Naruto to make the Superior in everyway OC "shine".

That, or turned the OC into female (female OCs got more passes than male ones) and remove that "superior" issue...Naruto is flat out the strongest and amongs the most skillful being in his universe...
1/9/2018 c3 eniox27
It’s more like the end of singularity rewards. The wishes of a key ally with the grail in effect causes their summoning. Good chapter like the cast you pulled out so far
1/9/2018 c3 Guest
Great chapter nice to see Naruto has begun to summon servents can't wait to see what you have in store next time, but I've been meaning to say about the OC Eugen not really a fan its just that he doesn't seem necessary and the story Wouldn't be any different regardless if he was there or not.
1/9/2018 c3 hahaminato
I wish naruto, has some kind of power from the canon naruto, i dont want to see a copy of gudao, with just a name of naruto
1/9/2018 c3 dfriel1996
Another amazing chapter especially loved how quickly Kiyohime took a interest in Naruto can't wait for the next chapter keep up with all the amazing work.
1/9/2018 c1 YuukiAsuna-Chan
Crap, ditch the OC and i might read it.
12/26/2017 c1 7ortizale317
Doesnt the oc seem unnecessary?
12/26/2017 c2 The Rupture
What's the point of naruto being if you're putting a better oc in the first place.
You just turned him to a decoration there's no point of him in this story, reduced supporting character a side kick for your oc to shine.
The moment you put Mr superior oc in there naruto lost his purpose, you could have just written in the Fate verse with your OC, without turning Naruto as a stepping for your oc.
12/25/2017 c2 Tera12
Great chapter x D Cant wait for more
12/24/2017 c2 eniox27
Cool start of canon neat to see some combat from the mages
12/24/2017 c2 8Qrious writ3r
I have a question in regards to servant summons in this story. Particularly towards summons like Altria (Alter) and Santa Alter, will they be summoned as separate entities or will they just summon Altria (Alter) who on occasion will dress up as Santa Alter?
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