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9/9/2018 c2 39Angry lil' elf
Good chapter, glad to see this hasn't been abandoned. Interesting set up and good on Slawinski for putting Shido in his place, although I do wonder if Shido will use that as fodder to get his little cult to kick him off the bus, but given that Slawinski is special forces, they'd probably end up shot up and left for dead. Not much interaction between Slawinski and Saya Takagi since she is apparently the brains of the group, not that the others aren't intelligent, but they don't have as broad a knowledge/intelligence as Saya does. Hopefully you'll feature her more in future chapters, but you probably had your reasons for not featuring her in this chapter.

Other than that, this was a good chapter, a little short for my liking but still, it was good enough :-) I'll be keeping an eye on this and I hope to see more soon :-D

Best of luck,

Angry lil' elf.
6/22/2018 c1 Angry lil' elf
An interesting story you have here, even if it follows the same formula of some other stories I've seen, but I'd be reluctant to not read this, so you have my attention and judging by the pairing, it's an OC/Saeko Busujima story, not many of those stories but the ones I've read were pretty good. I just hope your OC will be able to help Saeko with her 'issues' and self-hatred as she does have a degree of self-hatred for what she is and what she's done as there was a moment where Rei stated that she would never get used to killing Them/zombies and Saeko told her that she was better than she was, so there is an implied notion that Saeko still hates herself even after Takashi told her that such darkness in her was essential to the group's survival, so I sincerely hope your OC will be able to Saeko in accepting her dark side.

I feel I should let you know that I've written a Game of Thrones/HOTD crossover, but I am in the process of rewriting it as the current one is a multi-crossover with Skyrim and some friends of mine pointed out the flaws in it and I've decided to rewrite it as it wasn't focussed on the Game of Thrones aspect of the crossover, so if you have any suggestions feel free to drop 'em in a PM :-D

Anyways, I'll be keeping an eye on this and I hope to see more soon :-)

Best wishes and best of luck to you,

Angry lil' elf.

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