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10h c72 Mugen-Muse
Well, I wonder how that will influence future events.
17h c72 5PoofyOhio
The vindicator? A true successor to the Venator? That sounds like nonsense, a Venator would absolutely destroy a vindicator in 1v1 unless someone pulled some serious bullshit out their ass.
20h c72 Bountyhunter1977
A year of training will help get her develop skills with the war getting in the way. plus her connection to the Fore will have gotten stronger.

They will need safe places to stash there Holocrons, maybe Ahsoka could hide her Holocron, credits, plus some spare Lightsabers and or parts deep under the Lars Homestead, no one would look there.
12/4 c72 5Monkey D. Conan
Well that’s one way to do it. Guess this means the age gap between them and Padme is going to be smaller now. Curious how that will play out. Excellent work as always! Can’t wait for more!
12/4 c72 1The Dark Sapphire
Isn't there some meditation technique that lets jedi not need to eat for a long time? Couldn't they just say they used that instead of switching to a 2 month fruit diet to not seem sus.
12/4 c72 XRaiderV1
yep...they're on the roller coaster.

nicely written.
12/4 c72 cameron1812
Devastating and brilliant. This new twist of extra time will have a lot of impact on future canon, methinks
12/4 c72 11stars90
Ouch. It was sad to see her die, but i like how you handled it. And now they have the tine to actually take a breath and train. That could be useful indeed
12/4 c72 NeoNinja73
Thanks for the chapter~~
12/4 c72 Pjo crossovers
Training arc? TRAINING ARC!
12/4 c72 frankieu
nice chapter thx for writing it
12/4 c72 10WiseSilver
Oof. That last part. Been there and it sucks. At least I could get away for a few days.
12/4 c72 evilstatistic19
Good chapter. I'm looking forward to the next one.
12/4 c72 3marius1117
great chapter
12/4 c72 1tf330129
Keep it up :)
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