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6/10 c262 Jackidere
I just discover this story today while scrolling through the One Piece section. The short stories are nicely written and entertaining. I can’t believe I read through 262 short stories in one sitting. I would love to see you create stories about Law, Heart Pirates, and Sengoku interacting. Thank you for creating such an amazing work!
6/8 c262 1crazykittylover
It took so long to get caught up on this fic and now that i have i am very sad. I think ill just reread it again. I am in love with this head cannon! It goes into such depth on one of my favorite crews that i hope and pray the canon will be just like yours. It feels so natural and on point with the knowledge given already for the heart pirates. It just feels like what life in the heart pirates would be like. I'm so engrossed with your words that its heavenly to just stop by and read over and over again! I admit i think it took me a few weeks to go through it all the first time.

I really loved savoring each chapter and each little story you weaved in. It was a wonderful story to read before bed or to pass time or to feel better with. Even the tough chapters that were brimmed with sad or heartbreaking material were lovely to read. I prolly will reread this more then once. I just love the thoughts and ideas you came up with each chapter! I would like to suggest maybe more chapters on the pre-tang days with law still in doffy's gang. I really liked that one with doffy stitching law up; saving him. I think there can be more emotional and mental exploration done there. Like we could see more of how law felt and what maybe law did during those times. Maybe tie them back to present time. Like something currently happening makes law have a flashback to then and what he feels about such things? Ooh maybe you could expand on scenes that were already show in the anime and connect them to current events? Or get luffy or his crew involved in prying into law's past and wanting to get to know him better. Or you could have an altercation or event happen that causes Law to act OCC or go crazy or get super emotionally distressed like when he saw that white amber lead statute in that auction? I think some luffy interactions with law based chapters would be super fun! Law learning to guard his food b/c of luffy. The possibilities are endless!

Thank you by the way for continuing this story! I understand you're really into that other fandom but im glad you're still adding things and taking prompts from your readers. Its really super to see and read!

This chapter btw, funny. I think Law would loved to see a zombie for real. Too bad moria is dead. It could've made for a funny chapter. I think it could've been a funny thing read. Anyway keep up the good work!
5/14 c262 18ilovecartoonsgirl
Don't worry Penguin...I'm not sure what happened to Moria but I think you guys will be okay. Hopefully.
5/13 c261 ilovecartoonsgirl
Of course Law would start prescribing Bepo hugs, who doesn't want to be hugged by a fluffy pillow? Great chapter!
5/12 c260 ilovecartoonsgirl
Oh gosh, poor Bepo, poor Law. I wonder who did that to Bepo and what kind of injury it was. Whatever it was must have been really bad if Law was acting like that and Bepo still needed help. Great emotional chapter!
5/11 c259 ilovecartoonsgirl
It's a bit weird to see angry Law and a...'caring' Doffy after all those chapters of Law hating Doffy's guts. But it was a good chapter, and I liked it!
5/10 c258 ilovecartoonsgirl
Poor Jean Bart, I'm with Law, they knew. Sometimes, all you need is some simple assurance. Great chapter!
5/9 c257 ilovecartoonsgirl
Aw, poor Bepo. Thank goodness Penguin heard him and decided to not cut his hair, at least not right away. Great chapter!
5/7 c256 ilovecartoonsgirl
When Shachi spat out blood in the beginning, I was worried but then it became clear he had things under control. Great chapter, and being named after orcas as well as having an orca-like is really cool!
5/5 c255 ilovecartoonsgirl
This was a good chapter, I sure do love me some protective Law who is angry at people who dare hurt his nakama. Love it!
5/4 c254 ilovecartoonsgirl
Yeah, the scene was included in the anime. You did well writing this chapter, what with Law's desperation to protect his crew. It makes sense that without his goal and motivation to avenge Cora-san that he would be more focused on his nakama. I also like that he was figuring out contingency plans just in case Hawkins went back on his word. What an emotional chapter!
4/19 c253 ilovecartoonsgirl
When did this dream happen? When did Law still believe that his crew didn't love him back? Or was it just the nightmare talking? In any case, this is a heartwrenching but good oneshot!
4/19 c253 5AltairSnow
Why you gotta stab my heart with a stake like this? I have finals to study for!
4/18 c252 18ilovecartoonsgirl
Oh ouch...I guess this is one of those, 'you never realized what you had until its gone" moments huh? Law still cared, that's why he wanted to be a doctor, he has always cared. Great insight and way to use those prompts!
4/16 c251 ilovecartoonsgirl
Ah, this was nice. It makes me wonder if the Heart pirates will ever meet her spirit, or if she will ever have to steer herself (like Merry did at Water 7) in order to save her nakama.
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