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for Pinky and the Brain

5/25 c62 Guest
I liked your choices for pairing endbringers. Lisa/Simurgh is kinda obvious, and just about every fic that includes the two interacting in some way does it, but just because it happens a lot doesn't mean it's a bad match especially when you get her personality right.

Behemoth for Taylor really fits with her strangely straightforward/head-on/combative nature. For someone who's power is great for sneaky, intelligence gathering, indirect actions, she's really rather simplistic in her general sense of direction; figure out the threat and remove it. The Herokiller is a good match for that.

And Amy wants to reshape the world. What better to help her than the endbringer who literally reshapes the world?

(still hoping for more of this, but you do you!)
3/10 c32 Guest
Mayor, elect
*The commas are multiplying!
3/10 c27 Guest

Another slimmed down quotation mark. :P
3/10 c16 Guest
"Fireflies!" she practically sparkles.

Since she called herself Pinky...

She is a py-ro-man-i-ac
Carries fuel in her back-pack
There's devastation at her back
Your jaw will just hang slack
She's a py-ro-man-i-ac!
3/10 c15 Guest
And another reason Amy's not around in canon.

When you put any amount of thought into people with powers like Amy's, you start to understand why someone like her is a rarity in almost every work of fiction. She's an answer to practically every problem you can possibly come up with, short of 'I blow the world up lol!', and since the VAST majority of stories are based around some sort of conflict, whatever form that may take, having someone who can fix almost any sort of thing is a massive problem.

It sort of works in Worm because it's the sort of universe populated by shitty people who see someone like her and fight over it, but it also sort of doesn't because... there's no one fighting over her in Worm. At least, no where near the level you would expect.
3/10 c13 Guest
He gathers me into another hug, "All the most important things are scary."

That's a really good lesson.
3/10 c10 Guest
Bitch and he dogs
3/9 c9 Guest
"And I don't stop you."

"If you think Emma hair is

And oh god I completely forgot that THIS was the fic with people trying to get Taylor to actually run for mayor!
3/9 c8 Guest
, , ,

Period period period?
3/9 c6 Guest
More that three quarters done,"

3/9 c3 Guest
I hoped,' she lets go of my arm

You quotation mark here seems to have gone on a diet.
3/9 c2 Guest
"Panacea wasn't. Time to be someone else, with different limits."

Did you miss a word here? "Panacea wasn't me." perhaps, or is it intentional?
3/9 c62 Guest
Can't believe I still check this even after 3 years... but I suppose it's worth waiting for.
9/14/2020 c50 Guest
There's gonna be a blue moon on Halloween this year and we have to stay inside because of the 'rona
9/13/2020 c21 Guest
I dunno if this is really a T rating anymore
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