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for Pinky and the Brain

9/13/2020 c21 Guest
I dunno if this is really a T rating anymore
7/24/2020 c2 Guest
/人 ‿‿ 人\
5/30/2020 c62 firelordeg
Why was this never finished
2/18/2020 c62 Somerando
This is, against all odds, on of my favourite worm fanfics. It's prose isn't that great, doesn't have the best plot, and the characterization aren't perfect, but I love this fic so much. The fluff and just everything about it, it's just so good. I doubt this will update again, but I can hope.
2/7/2020 c62 Aetherium21
What a bizarre yet fun story
11/6/2019 c53 8Ryo Oh Ki7
Theme from magic knight rayearth?
7/21/2019 c8 Sebine
lol, diapers
7/12/2019 c62 Guest
Really hope this gets a little more love sooner or later. It's just such a delightfully fun and cute story!
5/7/2019 c62 8The Dark Eccentric
They have just casually become become the 3 strongest beings on the planet. And parents. And somehow managing to keep their identities secret despite the obviously similarities between Skitter and her girlfriends, Tattletale and Pinky who are pregnant, and this girl Taylor who works for her...And Taylor's girlfriends Lisa and Amy who are somehow pregnant. Then again, comic book logic. People never figure that stuff out.
Things do seem almost too easy, but overall I feel like this fic is supposed to be a sort of AU where things go as well as possible. It's not supposed to be difficult here.
Hope they just like...break out Marquis.
And I hope you do get back to this. Want to see what their kids are like when they're older. What sort of powers they might get. Heh...and whether the 3 young women you intend to graft Scion and Eden to are Tarlor/Amy/Lisa or their kids.
5/7/2019 c61 The Dark Eccentric
Heh, hell of a way to just randomly figure out how the world ends. And very casual solution.
5/7/2019 c59 The Dark Eccentric
I really want to see the Undersiders singing and dancing.
These youth gangs are like idol groups that fight.
5/6/2019 c57 The Dark Eccentric
I thought Endbringers typically don't attack the same place twice. And now they've all attacked Brockton Bay at some point.
Also.../minus/ six million Kelvin?
5/6/2019 c56 The Dark Eccentric
Hmm, how was she using a commbeetle to find someone in Toronto? Wouldn't there not be many commbeetles there if any? Or am I forgetting how they work? Also, why are they in Ontario?
And some of these scenes are so heavy with references I can barely understand what they're talking about or whats going on.
5/6/2019 c55 The Dark Eccentric
How do the safeties work such that she can literally stomp a guy into the asphalt without hurting him?
5/6/2019 c54 The Dark Eccentric
Wedding was sweet. I like Skitter just kind of casting her attention across the city. Wonder who was in that first scene she looked in on who just referred to her as "the tall girl". They did have commbeetles...
And do the Undersiders really join in on this dance offs? Geez. Trying to imagine Alec in a dance off.
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