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5/2/2019 c20 8The Dark Eccentric
Doesn't exactly seem a dumb decision. Not like there is a risk of pregnancy. Unless Amy makes there be anyway. Then it's not really a "risk".
Heh, and given how much Amy kept talking about bathing together and such before, I thought they were already well past "over-the-bra groping".
5/2/2019 c19 The Dark Eccentric
Eaten alive by cockroaches. Ouch.
5/1/2019 c18 The Dark Eccentric
Leaning /hard/ on that 4th wall. And why was Amy thinking everything was going to go badly when she is the one who thought she was in a romance now?
And looks like we're going into Harem territory now I guess. Not sure how I feel about that in this fic. I thought it was going to be more of a serious take on if Amy joined them for sort of hurt/comfort into romance. But this feels like it is going more and more into crack territory.
5/1/2019 c17 The Dark Eccentric
The curing of Noelle seemed a little anticlimactic. Not much description and Am barely reacted to what Noelle was. And Trickster and Sundancer didn't give much reaction to her finally being cured given everything they'd gone through towards this.
And the biomech is...kind of amazing. It's the perfect thing to make Amy a strong combatant. An OP combatant even. A Biokinetic that can completely alter and living thing she touches, operating a biological mech. She can alter it however she wants mid combat. And apparently it even kept the core from Noelle's power that lets it draw mass from another dimension. Fucking hell. Though with some things like being able to shrink it to a gauntlet or some of the tools you have her making, I feel you are stretching Amy's power a bit beyond what it may reasonably be able to do. Which seems a little unnecessary given how many awesome things it can already do.
Also, heh, few more references I didn't get here. And Amy leaning on the 4th wall!
And you have me wondering, given how many lewd comments these two are making and all the innuendo and checking each other out while changing I'm starting to wonder what they've done in that bed offscreen aside from sleeping. What stage of their relationship have they reached by this point. Hmmmm
5/1/2019 c16 The Dark Eccentric
Some of your scene transitions are a little abrupt. Like the bathroom door cutting off Amy talking and then suddenly they're downstairs, including her. Sudden topic changes too, like going from talking about crashing the mayoral debate to suddenly talking about Amy's new bugs. Also, the story is becoming a bit dialogue heavy. Not necessarily a problem, but you don't use enough dialogue tags to make the speaker always obvious given how many people are there. Especially with less narration making it clear who is in the scene in general. Like whether Brian was there for breakfast after the sudden scene transition. I'm only familiar with this because they're all mistakes I've made too, so please ake this as constructive criticism not plain complaints XD
Also, wouldn't Taylor have sensed the bugs Amy made before she told her about them if they were just there in the tin?
Heh, and Amy never struck me as the kind of girl to be into explosions. But I don't mind it.
5/1/2019 c15 The Dark Eccentric
Yeah, Amy very well might be able to help Noelle. Now the hard part is either convincing the Traveller's Coil can't to get them to turn on him first, or getting Amy to Noelle while Coil is still around to do it and earn the Traveller's alliance first.
And who was Amy talking about with the unrequited crush on a non-blood sibling? Was she talking about Brian since she then calls him her girlfriend's brother since him and Taylor are "like siblings"?
5/1/2019 c13 The Dark Eccentric
Couldn't remember if Danny knew at this point. Don't think so. So he just got "I'm a lesbian", "this is my girlfriend" and I am a supervillain warlord but still trying to be a good person" dumped on him at once" if I recall.
He took that well.
Also, if Amy is willing to help Parian's people, they should really make sure to extend that offer. A lot cheaper and save them a lot of trouble.
5/1/2019 c12 The Dark Eccentric
Good to see the changes amidst what is the same. This relationship with grue is probably better for everyone, given how it went in canon.
5/1/2019 c11 The Dark Eccentric
Good to see some of the rest of the team and their thoughts. Would have thought Tattletale would have picked up Pinky was Panacea as soon as she saw the lob of biomaterial though. But good reaction. And I like the insights she gave. Helps the reader too.
Also, glossing over stuff thats basically the same as canon is a good idea, yeah.
5/1/2019 c10 The Dark Eccentric
Some more sweet stuff. I love it. And AMy finally getting to using her power for Taylor! Can't she only modify living stuff? is the knife alive?
Also, the "playing with Mommy's knife" line hit me harder than I would have expected.
I never thought of Skitter as a /sexy/ badass but...look what you've done.
5/1/2019 c9 The Dark Eccentric
Wasn't sure about the Pinky and the Brain theme (maybe because it made me think of Uber and leet), but that bit with the bathtub sold it.
Second scene was a little confusing. Felt like I'd missed something when they were talking about it being dumb her other self got a girlfriend. Had to read it a few times before I thought I maybe figured it out. And it was hard to tell which was in favor of what. Amy said it was dumb, but then Taylor was the one saying they need to separate their identities.
And that was a lot of references in that last scene. Didn't really get any of them. Almost any. Got the Pippi and Carrottop references.
5/1/2019 c8 The Dark Eccentric
I'm enjoying this. Just a lot of sweet slice of life stuff so far, developing their relationship. Heh, and I guess they're not exactly trying to keep it secret.
5/1/2019 c7 The Dark Eccentric
Been meaning to reread Worm up to this point to refresh my memory for the one I'm considering writing. Like...had Amy fixed Taylor's brain around here? i forget. And I had personally debated if Amy would subconsciously end up tweeking things a little. Wonder if you did end up doing that at all in this and to what degree. Or if Amy is just reasonably paranoid.
5/1/2019 c6 The Dark Eccentric
Hah, they're getting bold with each other quick. Guess thats what happens when you'e becoming codependent. Which...isn't as bad in this case as it normally would be. They kind of need it.
5/1/2019 c4 The Dark Eccentric
This is why I like these two together. They are both so broken and could really help each other.
This chapter does make me even wonder if Taylor does like Amy that way. It does almost sound like she is more using her. Talking about "catching" the healer and thinking about how she can use her against Coil.
But then she helps comfort Amy again, and then Amy comforts her...I really do want these two to be serious about each other.
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