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8/27/2019 c3 2Pyral
Holy cow—it’s been a while since I looked into fanfiction stuff, much less submitting ocs, and suddenly I get a notif for this place! I love how you guys wrote June, and I’m super excited to see where this goes! Congrats to you guys for getting over the hiatus!
2/8/2018 c1 LunairiaBlaze
Very interesting, I don't see many villain academy fics around here. I'll send in an oc pretty soon and I look forward to how you bring this academy to life.
2/8/2018 c2 MadKingTigi
Is this gonna be a Humor/Slice of Life/Action story?
Because for the moment it's hilarious! Seriously! The characters you made cracked me up. That's what I call well written OCs~
Good Job!
2/8/2018 c1 Guest
Izuku and Toshinori both are nice/helpful to others even strangers. What if they saved a person from being hurt while taking a walk,but what they didn't know was that person was a villain who recently lost his brother's to a fireball. So two days later when the villain sees them nearly get hit by a fireball watching him fight what do you think he would do.

The villains quirk allows him to negate momentum.
Even AFO didn't mess with this villain

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