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for The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

12/21/2018 c19 Ronnie Jane
Wonderful chapter! I can’t wait to read more! I loved the Sherlock reference! Have a wonderful holiday!
12/21/2018 c19 5VendettaSmiles
After Loki, Coulson is my favorite Avengers character. So, naturally I love seeing them together :)

12/11/2018 c18 6BloodyNib
I've never read anything by Dickens before but now I think I really should do it. Looking forward to how Tony will summon the ghosts of Christmases past xD
12/9/2018 c17 Guest
Great chapter! I can’t wait to read more! Please include more of Doctor Strange.

- Ronnie Jane
12/11/2018 c17 1Star Trek's Q's girl friend
Ooh, updates. I look forward to the next one.
12/9/2018 c17 5VendettaSmiles
"Mr. Loki doesnt like mornings so much."
"I'm not going anywhere."

Perfect! Made my day. If I wasn't afraid Clint would make me a pincushion for it, I'd adopt that kid-and Loki.


12/6/2018 c16 1silvercloudedskies
I love this story so, so much! Please keep writing it! I really, really love your portrayal of the characters, they don't seem OOC at all to me!
12/3/2018 c16 6BloodyNib
I loved having some Nat and Loki interaction. They're more alike than you'd think
12/3/2018 c16 5VendettaSmiles
Lila and Loki are too cute!

And I live the nuances of Natasha and Loki.

Such a great chapter all the way around!

11/29/2018 c15 JPElles
Fun stuff with the holidays. With the holidays rolling around again especially.
11/24/2018 c14 VendettaSmiles
"But not the toaster"

That is just too funny!

10/14/2018 c13 1Star Trek's Q's girl friend
Ooh, I'm enjoying this. Can't wait for updates.
9/23/2018 c13 JPElles
Good update as usual.
9/17/2018 c13 Guest
I can’t wait to read more! - Ronnie Jane
9/18/2018 c12 7chocolateowl
This was so adorable, I actually squealed a bit lol. Kudos to you!
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