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9/17/2018 c13 52LodestarJumper
Natalie! Augh! This is amazing! So worth the wait and beyond! I cannot even express to you how much I enjoyed this chapter, it is utterly amazing! The characters were so on point, I was impressed, well done! Clint's dad-moments were adorable and Loki and children is just the cutest thing. (The little thing about Thor and Loki's arguments and conversations being the same thing basically made me smile). The whole sledding-scene was amazing! Well paced, well written and enjoyable! I am just in awe! I can see how much work you put into this chapter! Well done! The part about the sky-walker thing was hilarious and I just loved Tony's disbelief at the fact that no one knew about the actors and Laura was like, "don't worry fam, I got this...kinda". The only critique I would have is that I did notice you were using quite a bit of trailing off ("...") and it was a tad confusing, but still! Amazing! I am so excited for the next update!

And the parts with Stephen and how Tony was like "you need to check to make sure he's not floating"-that made my day. And then "The game is on" I made a happy little squeak noise as my fandoms collided. This story is so great, I love holiday themed things and you portray this well. This made my day, thank you for your update!

Well done! I avidly look forward to your next chapter (but take your time, friend, quality over quantity, right? ;) I will happily wait for you to feel motivated to write again). Again, I cannot express properly in the human language how great this was. 10/10!

By the way, I have full confidence this will live up to my expectations, this is amazing. :)
8/25/2018 c12 3PhoenixFantastic
This was a really fun story to read. My favorite parts (that I can name right off the top of my head) were: Wade Wilson's cameo; Clint wanting to shoot the Christmas ornaments onto the tree; the Gremlin prank war; and all the little kids fawning all over their favorite Avengers. Great writing!
7/23/2018 c8 Guest
yes its out of season I'm just board
7/18/2018 c1 52LodestarJumper
Oh my gosh! This was hilarious! The names for them is glorious! "Mother of evilThis made me laugh, loudly. Christmas at the tower! Yeah! This looks great! Your characters are very much on-character! Tony seems a wee-bit tired, (but he never sleeps so he's always tired) and his texting is hilarious because of this. Rhodey though! So done with Tony. I am enjoying this immensely! This is just great. Execellent job!
7/4/2018 c12 25GraceEliz
I love it.
6/29/2018 c12 Guest
Great chapter ! Please update soon!
7/1/2018 c12 JPElles
Good update. Always good to see this. Keep it up.
6/30/2018 c12 5VendettaSmiles
Soooo cute! Reminds me of the clips where Loki is conversing w small mortals. I rather like Melanie ;)
6/29/2018 c12 19AndurilofTolkien
like this
6/8/2018 c11 JPElles
Good update.
6/6/2018 c11 Guest
Love it
6/5/2018 c10 3November S
What a fun story! Thanks for the laughs! You write Stark so well! I have trouble writing him whenever I tryI don’t write much Avengers stuff, although I suspect it would be good practice).
I do hope you intend to finish it!
5/12/2018 c10 Guest
Love it! Please update soon!
5/13/2018 c10 Shalifi
I like the fan theory that Loki was Bruce in the last movie. Makes an odd kind of sense. Good update as usual.
5/8/2018 c9 Guest
Actually just found this pic,
I love how terrifying your female characters are. So often women's roles are reduced, which is a shame because Marvel women are not little weaklings.

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