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9/8 c124 4ShadowclanMC
I just want to say, it makes me sad seeing how Bella has just done a complete 180 with how she treats Alice- but my writers mind is tingling and telling me that it's possibly Renesme making Bella think the way she does. Like how when Bella finds out that Jacob imprinted on Renesme he explains that was the reason she wanted to be around Jacob so much while she was pregnant.
Or you know I'm just indenial that Bella truly feels that Alice is a monster hungry for power.
I hope Alice is happy again soon.
9/8 c124 36AliceCullen3
8/29 c123 4ShadowclanMC
I finally caught up to the latest chapter! This has been a wild ride, and I'll admit I didn't like the idea of Remus and Alice having a relationship because it just was uncomfortable to read with a age gap. It's the same feeling I got when I read that Jacob imprinted on Renesme. But I can not see how people could say you condone child grooming. Was the relationship uncomfortable to read about? Yes, it was at least to me.

However, in any case I hope your senior year of high school goes smoothly! I hope to stay caught up with this fantastic crossover!
8/26 c123 danakieran7
I don’t understand why someone is saying you support child rape or grooming or anything linked to it as your Alice/Remus relationship is hardly mentioned apart from the odd flashback and as you said it is more like the beginning of what I guess could be the Jacob/Renesmee relationship in that nothing is done.

I have been talking to you for a while now and you don’t strike me as a person to support the sort of stuff you are being accused of.

I love your fanfiction and think that the past of Alice & Remus was well thought and written out. It also explains a lot about the start of her & Jaspers relationship in where they truly get to know each other before they seem to get more intimate but at the same time we do not get any details as they are both private people!

Though I would like a little more Peter & Charlotte soon though :-D
8/26 c123 36AliceCullen3
8/16 c122 Guest
Another lovely chapter, thanks for posting!
8/16 c122 AliceCullen3
8/1 c121 Guest
Thank you for the update! I really enjoy your story. But I am disappointed that Jacob will still imprint on the baby. It’s not because of age (I have no problem with the gap) but because it means Alice will probably reconcile with the Cullens soon. I liked how Alice was decisive of where her limit was. And at this point the only who apologized and really meant it- in my opinion- is Edward but even he doesn’t change his attitude. Now it feels that despite how poorly they treated her she’ll still end up forgiving them soon. I don’t mind forgiveness, but I will be disappointed if they don’t make it up to her and mean it. And I still would think it’s a good idea to separate. Just my opinion.

Thanks again for the chapter!
8/1 c121 Guest
Hi I'm the guest you mentioned what I meant is that he claimed to love Bella then he ends up with her daughter that's what I meant by sick not the age difference I meant going from mother to daughter and not trying to fight it.
8/1 c121 AliceCullen3
7/27 c120 Guest
Please tell me that Jake won't imprint on the baby and that it really is an immortal child cos I hated the whole Renessmee thing.
7/27 c120 AliceCullen3
7/21 c119 Guest
It’s interesting how you’re keeping in time with the actual storyline of Twilight. I like how it’s all falling into place. I hope that you don’t make it so everything works out like it did in Twilight though, considering your plot is that the Cullens are jerks to Alice and don’t treat her right. Or that Edward sudden loves the child cause he can hear her. Anyways, I’m really excited to see where this story goes and how Alice lives her life, hopefully free of the Cullens. Thanks for the update!
7/21 c119 Guest
This is good I hope that the child really is an immortal child unlike in twilight I really don't want Jake to imprint on the child cos when I read that in the books and watched it happen in the movies I thought that it was sick. I mean Jake wanted Bella and then he imprints on her daughter yeah just no. Sorry for the ramble. Looking forward to the next update.
7/21 c119 AliceCullen3
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