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4/28 c1 MisteryMaster56
Wow, just wow...
10/10/2020 c1 Guest
4/26/2019 c1 Benny Nash
Really good story. I really drew me into shat was going on and I began to care about the various characters. I've only seen this game played by the Mighty Jingles on Youtube but even if I hadn't seen it I would have enjoyed this story and look forward to seeing where you go from here.
3/8/2019 c1 5Darkhellia
This here is probably one of the saddest if not most heart-wrenching Subnautica story I've ever read. Well done. The story is amazingly well-written and put together and the sorrow Kr-ttr-vx feels for each and every death and her need to try and help the Precursors is simply amazing. Reading this story just makes me want to jump into this world to try and help Ttr out and help tell the Precursors what they need to do to hatch her eggs for the cure. I wish I was a part of Subnautica so much now that it hurts to know it will take centuries for help to come when the Aurora crashes.
3/13/2018 c1 1Sky5372
Wow... I can't believe I missed this. It's really something as I've come to expect from you, especially for a one-shot, of all things.
I can't really say much more without several paragraphs.
2/9/2018 c1 RustyPete12
This was so sad... But it does make sense. Nice work! A shame the Emperors are so few.
2/8/2018 c1 5Mecharic
[Incoherent Sobbing]

This was easily one of the most touching Prologues I've ever read. Very nice job taking the bits and pieces that we get in-game and turning them into a heart-wrenching tale of mistakes, misjudgments, and tragedy. You managed to humanize the Precursors (something I honestly didn't think would be possible) and I think you nailed the Emperors (or as I think they would prefer to be called, the Sea Children) perfectly.

A pity the story was doomed to end in tragedy from the start.

[More Incoherent Sobbing]
2/4/2018 c1 1BepisLover
Juicy. Spicy. Noice.
1/31/2018 c1 ReaperOfShadows125
This is great. Head cannon accepted.
1/21/2018 c1 Untitled505
This was a wonderful short story, especially one being in the Emperor’s perspective!
12/6/2017 c1 Avorion
Nice job! Quick question though is this part of your story?
11/27/2017 c1 13Heroic Spectre
"You could've... just... asked." :D

i do wonder why the player character is the only one who can hear the Emperor.

"Be good, won't you?" This sounds familiar.

Tragedy, indeed. Most people probably don't want to think about how much it must have sucked for the Sea Emperor.

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