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4/17 c5 OdeClock
That was a vivid reminder of how creepy Litchi's obsession with little girls in gothic lolita and other 'cutesy' clothing, is. Super creepy, but then again maybe it's some afterimage of seeing Rachel somewhere? Great chapter, getting better each time.
4/17 c4 OdeClock
Ragna's having a ton of bridal hold moments with Noel isn't he? Also enjoyed the teasing from Makoto, that was a nice little moment for Noel. Things have changed a fair bit. Not only does Ragna have Noel by him, but Lambda too. Two Prime Fields in one place won't be a good thing for too long.
4/17 c3 OdeClock
Tager still a beast for handling both Ragna and Noel in that fight. I like that little flashback of the reason why Ragna hates the NOL so much. It fits so well with who Ragna truly is - a good guy.
4/17 c2 OdeClock
Well Ragna went from a pretty decent day to being called a pervert, being into young boys, admitting he's into young girls (maybe?) and being attacked by a Murakumo unit. Though that's a typical day for good guy Ragna!

Critiques: a little sloppy with the grammar, structure probably needed a little more work, but overall solid.
4/17 c1 OdeClock
I think the mobile game that's just released might answer what's happened to Ragna. Also he's actually stuck in the Boundary with Saya, not so much the Master Unit. I mean yes Noel became Saya, but her original self lingered in the Master Unit. Though the Boundary exists as a doorway to many worlds, so you could just have his crossover journey start from there.

Great chapter. Carl is just nuts and it's pretty sad how insane he gets as time goes on. Just as Relius wanted I suppose. Also Noel being injured makes so much sense. Her character was timid, and she was always reluctant to fight friends. Easy to take advantage of. It's nice to see Ragna actually care.
12/22/2020 c1 UnknownVoid25
Ragna walked down to the Gate, the Azure Grimoire having consumed his right half, and met Amane, noticing he was the last person to return to seithr. He told the Onlooker he was going to return everyone's dreams to the Azure to create a world (using the Blue Flame Grimoire) that Amaterasu and Takamagahara would never be able to intervene in. He walked into the Gate, leaving the Aramasa behind. A grave was made for Ragna using the Aramasa in the new world despite no one remembering his existence. However, the sword mysteriously disappeared after Rachel left. That is what happened to Ragna the Bloodedge. He's not dead, he just doesn't exist in his current BlazBlue world.

PS: It's Hells Fang and Dead Spike for his proper moveset. Also, use capitals for the names of anyone's moveset.
3/12/2020 c4 6Star's Keyblade4114
Tell me you are still writing? please!
3/5/2020 c3 Star's Keyblade4114
Tsubaki, don't get things twisted. It's not like that.
2/29/2020 c2 Star's Keyblade4114
Liking this story now, keep it going! ;)
12/27/2019 c4 2nanohaxfate
Hoping to see this completed. I love ragna and noel
3/29/2019 c4 Ains Ooal Gown
There are a few problems throughout this chapter. Most of what I have to say revolves around "improve your diction", so that's a paragraph gone. Ragna might be quick-tempered, but will avoid a fight if able. People usually instigate fights with him, and he always warns them to back-off before laying the beat down. With the officer here, Ragna would've told her nothing was going on and the two would've left, not act all assholish and make the situation worse for both him and Noel - not his style in the slightest, and he's one to take the easy route if possible (or on his right mind). That's all I really have to say.
4/12/2018 c1 A10101010A
This story is crap. It has a character that doesn't exist. Delete it.
1/4/2018 c3 19DripGodRagna
Np. Glad I could help somewhat. Now, for this chapter...

I didn't find anything I didn't like about it. Only a nit pick, like when Tager said "my dear". Sounds like something Amane would say. Also, I'm pretty sure Ragna, doesn't matter if it's Calamity Trigger or Continuum Shift, could kick Tager's ass solo up and down the street. While I understand the fight was for the pairing, just saying that to say this, if Ragna wanted to, he could kill most of the characters in the series without much effort. Scratch people like Terumi, Azrael, Rachel (in CF Rachel is incredibly weak), etc. You know the big powerhouses right?

It's not bad you made Ragna fight with someone. But if it was someone stronger than Tager, I'd understand. Even if they were stronger than Tager, I'm pretty sure Ragna would tell Noel to stay back. Lone wolf kinda guy. Like if these two confront Hakumen, there is NO WAY he'd allow Noel anywhere near that masked freak. Sure, she'd probably join in anyway, but it'd either take a lot of convincing, or he just says "Screw it, fine! Just don't slow me down." Or some shit. Anyway, later! PM me if you want something or need help : )
12/15/2017 c2 DripGodRagna
"Feels good fighting someone that isn't after your bounty, arresting, or trying to kill you." There is just so much sarcasm in that line I just couldn't help but smile. Anywho, glad I could help. Wanted to point out a few things though. Besides you having Ragna's name as Ragan several times (must be a typo cause it happens to me sometimes too) the way he conveyed himself to Noel seemed off. I think it'd take some time to spill himself to her. Telling her his past would surely leave a bad taste in his mouth for a while until he truly got to be around her. Seems like things are developing a bit TOO fast for them. At least, that's what I think. : )

Also, when Ragna said how the NOL are tyrants and take whatever they want from people and that's one of the reasons he destroys branches didn't fit him. Seemed a bit too 'heroic' for Ragna. Normally he'd just curse or bash the library or shrug at it. He didn't seem to care about that part. All he cared about was the cauldron and the Murakumo units inside and destroyed to keep any more Black Beast's from being created.

Sorry if this dragged on for a long ass time, but I want to see where this story will go since (even though they're both siblings) I like them together. Good luck and I'll be waiting for the next one. : )
11/28/2017 c1 JudgeDevil
After Central Fiction Ragna deleted everyone's memory of him and also the "Ragna the Bloodedge" existence but he still lives on. After the epilogue he fully transformed into the Black Beastas shown when he was talking to Amane where he was still tranforming) but he is in control while also having Amaterasu at his beck and call so he is able to intervene with any posibilityEs' arcade ending shows us this). So right now he is the most powerfull he's ever been.
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