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11/26 c1 kalloni
Most stories I read have a manipulative if not evil Dumbledore. It's very refreshing to see one who upon noticing Harry isn't safe, he immediately gets him out and takes responsibility.
11/22 c31 Guest
Updaaaate pls!
11/4 c31 1FeatheredFeline
This is definitely at the top end of stories I've found, and I just wanted to say thank you for coming back to itand that returning to old projects is bloody hard and I'm impressed by that, too.

If you'd like specificsthe language is consistently good even without a beta (a few typos are understandableI very rarely have come across this style of approaching the nature of magic and I find it very interestingI wanted to explore something similar in my own AU years ago but lacked the staying power.
the character dynamics are interesting and progress in ways that make sense, drawing the story along without feeling unrealistic
your characters make mistakes and there are consequences! Fantasticbut surprisingly rare.

I hope your personal situation is improving and that this review is a bright moment in your day <3
11/1 c5 Guest
I hate it when it's only Boys who have to apologise even for things girl was wrong about. So bitchy idiot screaming Daphne is wrong for screaming at Harry for accepting being an orphan. But Madam is too important, too much of a girl, too proudy, too arrogant to come to Harry herself and say sorry to him. So every time Harry has to say sorry for things Daphne was wrong about. Wow what a partnership of equals right. That bitch is arrogant and doesn't deserve Harry. Luna is much better and joyful influence for Harry. But no that arrogant bitch is heroine here.
10/29 c3 toggers
3rd paragraph, 6th line break (including the first two); misspelled "their", spelt "thier"
10/25 c31 Shahenshah.Aniket
An awesome fic till Chapter 25. Thanks for creating such an enthralling world.
10/17 c31 1FanOfPerseusFanfictions
Love this story
10/16 c19 1Strider0327
I’m GREATLY enjoying this story. It’s well-written, refreshingly devoid of most cliches, and features a main character who actually feels capable enough to match his role in the story. Overall I love it.

I do have two issues though: your treatment of Hermione, and this Malachite business. The entire plot point around the latter is so painfully contrived it sours the story arc, while the former feels like you’re doing her character injustice just to get her out of the picture. Hermione was certainly naive and rigid, but she wasn’t uncompromisingly so. Would recommend a rework on these points.

That said, I want to again stress that overall it’s great, and I’m only nitpicking because I love the rest of it, so I consider it worth an honest review. Looking forward to continued reading!
10/14 c31 Your big fan
Bro please update this is one of the best fan fiction i have ever read right up there with the method of rationality
9/17 c1 Abendrot Fernweh
The way i see it this could have gone two ways harry potter is good grey or harry potter goes insane. I like that you went the insane route there arent alot of insane harry fics that actualy try to justify his pov
9/15 c31 zachariahm
The story was not without it's issues, but overall it was quite enjoyable. I particularly liked the more rational and grey Dumbledore you wrote. Though I'd agree with some of your self criticisms of the story, don't be too hard on yourself, this is pretty solid compared with the average story on here. Not sure if we'll see more of this story, but I hope we do!
9/8 c5 someunchosenname
You'll probably not read this, but for making the mirrors my first thought was a switching spell, where you switch the reflections on a pair of mirrors. It's simple and seems consistent with magical logic.
9/5 c14 Aetherium21
Aha the Manton limit, a small shoutout to Worm
8/27 c31 Stormzy
Absolutely love this work. Amazing story that clearly diverges from the usual Harry Potter works which simply follow the books plot, showing immense creativity. On top of that the writing is superb, and I have loved every chapter you've put out. My only slight criticism would be it can get a little confusing at times to follow, as some things seem to happen without complete prior explanation. However in light of the work as a whole, this negative barely shows. The people who have reviewed this talking about it not being good etc are either absolutely retarded with no appreciation for good writing or simply just not into this sort of genre. It's a shame updates seem to be on the slow side but I guess you can't really rush a great story. Hoping for another update soon.
8/27 c3 Stormzy
Read this before and I forget if I had reviewed it but just wanted to say in case I didn't, this is definitely one of the best Harry Potter works on the site.
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