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12/3 c3 nnnnmhughuuhhjiijj
This fanfic is way too good, I'm only three chapters in the story and this is good enough to be a book with publishers on it's own. I also like how interesting you made Harry compared to the actual series, where he feels flat.
11/30 c37 Volunteer Insomniac
reading this and stories like this will eventually inspire me to start writing my own story, if it's even 1% as good as this when I do, I will be over the moon.
I really like the word choices used in this story, mainly tge ones I had to search up to understand.
I also liked the strange idioms and thought experiments used such as "it's turtles all the way down" in regards to how a seer can mould the future to suite their wants and how he would be unable to escape their machinations because they could take any and all of your reactions into account and plan for them, I also liked the ponderings of the nature of the existence of free will, and the nature of souls and what death is. something that struck a chord in me (an I'm not particularly sure why) was the sentence about reality being a dying gods dream.
I bet half of the subtle details I'm sure are hidden away, went straight over my head and skewered the wall behind me.
saw some stupid comments hating on the story for not treating the mind arts the way the reader wanted, in which the person disregarded the fact that different people are able to interpret things differently compared to themselves and their comment seemed to me very ignorant and hostile for no reason, and wasn't very relevant to tge story anyway.
I hope that this keeps getting updated until completion since a story without an end is like a portrait without a face, or life without death.
when a masterpiece like this is left unfinished, reading it becomes less worth it, and I think that this story deserves to be read, and it would be a shame if it being discontinued drew people away from reading it.
a bit heavy, I know, but I'm passionate about this stuff so bear with it. keep it up, I sacrificed many hours of sleep to read this.
11/30 c37 Volunteer Insomniac
I can't think of anything to say other than that I hope this continues until it is complete.
11/30 c27 Volunteer Insomniac
I'm addicted to this story
11/30 c22 Volunteer Insomniac
still can't believe I was holding off on this fic
11/29 c11 Volunteer Insomniac
keeps getting better and vetter
11/29 c9 Volunteer Insomniac
this is great
11/28 c3 Volunteer Insomniac
for some reason I held off on reading this for months, I feel kinda stupid now.
11/12 c37 Hoosthat
11/12 c5 Hoosthat
His friends are pests. It’s taking away from the plot.
11/9 c3 itioministralis
Aight, I'll probably stop reading here, since this is just canon Harry Potter with a more detached Harry. The whole plot about him being a natural legilemens, different House, different personality - none if it actually matters and I feel like I'm reading two stories. One is canon HP, following almost every canon event with no change and the second is yours, which ultimately has no meaning here because it doesn't change anything.
11/9 c2 itioministralis
Recently, I've been finding surprisingly good HP fanfics to read, which I consider this one to be also. I like that you changed some characters, especially Harry. How you captured the surrealness if a little boy being so talented at magic, a bit terrifying. It's not on the nose, like some authors (young, probably) like to do with their Harry being proficient at wandless magic, throwing fireballs, turning into a dragon and generally being cringe at the tender age of 11. No, your Harry reads like an emotionally detached, abused child. As per long-standing fanfiction tradition, you made the Dursleys much more abusive than they were, but it has a purpose here to explain why Harry is the way he is and finally gives Dumbledore a push to get him out (I also think your Dumbledore would've done it a lot sooner, considering he kept tabs on Harry, because of how different Harry's situation was). I really don't like that you just ruined all of it by following the canon events, including whole dialogues from the book, even if with slight changes. I don't understand why people do that. Still an amazing read I'll be sure to enjoy more to make my mind about it.
10/17 c12 3SatanSan53
Anyway, I get it. It was Dumbledore who made that note and is pretending to be Grindelwald because he realized Harry was becoming less than completely sincere with him. That would have been a really genius move on his part.
10/8 c37 1AntiEspiral
Hello, I'm contacting you because I really like this fanfic and I would like to publish it on my YouTube channel, the channel is about content in Spanish... if you give me permission I can share your patreon. I am looking forward to your response.
9/17 c10 MrTurnt
What chapter does the dark harry start?
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