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2/18 c1 Guest
I can't for the life of me figure out why anyone would abandon the story. It's simply too good to abandon.
2/17 c27 Seamarvel19
Amazing story I have no words expect thank you for this incredible piece of work and I hope your stay safe and healthy
2/8 c8 vovochka
For a prodigial genius, Harry sure is the dimmest person in this entire story.
2/8 c5 vovochka
Harry thinks nothing happens after death but there are literally ghosts wandering the castle?
2/4 c17 AWMK3003

2/4 c7 SushiZ
Interesting chapter, I assume the horcrux is the reason he has such a bad reaction to the dementors?

2/4 c1 SushiZ
Excellent first chapter! Looks to be a very interesting story, can’t wait to read more. Thx,
2/2 c27 Ambrosius Grindelwald
Lo vuelvo a leer y simple mente me sigue pareciendo la mejor que eh leído, la que mas me atrapa y la veo fantástica. No e dejado revisión ya que como ve, el inglés no es mi idioma y el traductor no dice lo que yo quiero decir. En serio es un gran trabajo.
1/23 c27 kekbekmekflekwek
I fucking hate you. Go fuck yourself. How fucking dare you not mark this as abandoned, yet write that it's abandoned in the fucking last chapter. Go fuck yourself, stupid fucking asshole. Way to waste all of our time. Fuck you.
1/23 c14 kekbekmekflekwek
I like how you dumbed Harry down to a mentally ill toddler by making him not understand what Luna was saying, when she straight up told him he'd ruin his fucking life if he asked about soul magic. God. Such a great story, and you fucking ruin it with dumbass forced drama that had no place in this story.
1/19 c27 MoonfireArt
Such a terrible shame this will never be finished. This is one of the most unique and compelling works on this entire site. A true pity...
1/18 c3 Greminder
Hi, im late, like this story so far.
dont wanna be a d*ck, but u said, that u dont want some super smart 11yrs old, but in this chapter harry doesnt want to mindrape more deeply cuz of moral quandries?
how many times were u thinking about morality when u were 11yrs old? (that sounded a bit more confrontational than intended XD)
sorry if its nitpicky but I'm eagerly reading away!
1/14 c27 3Gyanz
Gran historia! He leído muchísimos fics en los que Harry es poderoso, pero este creo que es el más completo, en el que Harry se convierte en un mago a la altura de Dumbledore, Grindelwald y Riddle. Me gusta mucho el enfoque de que Harry sea aprendiz de Gellert, definitivamente no leí nunca.

Espero que puedas retomar la historia, los capítulos que dices que fueron malos, en mi opinión no lo fueron.

Así que espero que puedas seguir escribiendo. Estaré esperando ver la actualización. Aquí tienes un firme seguidor.

1/11 c7 leblanq
Chapter 7 killed the story for me. The Major Canon divergence from year 3 is making it suddenly AU. The shittiest kind of Fanfiction in my Opinion. Honestly it's disappointing for me the previous chapters where amazing until suddenly you killed the story. There was no need to make it an AU.
1/10 c25 Zann
You know, I'm not sure if I'm more afraid of Harry's plan with Grindelwald failing, allowing him to break free or something, or of his plan succeeding and probably imprinting Grindelwald's mind into Harry's.

After all, we've established that just as Harry affects those he touches, so too do they affect him.
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