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10/3 c28 Luke
Dear WG,

First of all, welcome back :). I am sorry to hear what you have been dealing with, understandable, health always comes first. I wish you well and hope things get better for you in the long run.

Onto your story, I really love the approach. Please don't listen to negative reviews. I always believed this story had the potential to rank up to the best HP fanfiction would have to offer. I hope that you are well enough to stick with the story in the long run but if you can't no hard feelings I know how things go and you should worry about yourself first and foremost.

Lastly, if you ever want to chat or need a new beta I would be very happy to offer my expertise.

Feel free to email me here. (Replace the stars with periods)


Take care,

Kind regards,

Luke ;)
9/22 c28 Ggghhh
This has been a great fic so far. I binged most of this in one setting and I've enjoyed every moment. You have truly created a unique version of the harry potter universe. I hope you continue to write this fic. Have a good day/night
9/21 c28 Wild-bill-13
I’ve started this story multiple times and never gotten all the way to the end. I can’t for the life of me understand why. The world you have built is fantastic. The way you’ve developed the magical system in your world is awesome. I am sorry for your health issues but do hope this might continue to be an outlet for you. I for one would love to see this story continue and see if Harry can complete the vision he saw in the mirror of erised. Good luck and hope to read more of your story!
9/20 c28 demon87
Very super
9/16 c5 Guest
This chapter is so fucking dissapointing. The Autor is too stupid to develop his own story, so he has to copy cannon, what a disgrace to this community. Shame on you, delete yourself right this instant
9/16 c3 Guest
Dissapointing. After all this talk about the mind arts, he is just another weakling. Also, the author is unable to write his own story and has to copy canon like a pathetic dog, how disgusting
9/15 c28 ironhair
I have read this and am guilty of not leaving frequent reviews. Messaging from my phone with my big fingers is a pain.

This story particularly, I have been happy .along with the ride, instead of actually having problems with what S happening. Things just fit into place and it's been an interesting read so far.
I might find his development a bit rushed, but with his upbringing it makes sense.

Thanks for the 2 more chapters you updated recently. Wishing you good health. Going off to check your other work.
9/13 c10 E
Floods are acts of nature, but flood losses are acts of God after all it's quote-unquote "god's so called plan"
9/12 c28 Kali-blue
I just found your story. It was recommended by another author whose fic I’d enjoyed and completed. Your work is compelling and intricate. Your writing is not predictable and I enjoy surprises and suspense. All too often there is braggadocio or Gary Stu and that is tiresome. You provide balance with HP. I don’t typically read lots of HP m/f fiction as it tends to be sexist or overtly gendered. Thus far you have told a story that hasn’t had prurient rape bs or had all the characters with proscribed gender roles, which is a huge plus. I’m off try another of your stories and hope for the best. Thanks for sharing your work and continuing it at your own time. Cheers, Kali
9/4 c1 ironhair
9/1 c28 Tomon
Glad to see this story updated.
Across the years there were some abrupt shift in the story and the way Naruto was portrayed and his shift into a Lord with followers seemed a little abrupt. But no matter what happened or the changes this story undertook it's a FACT that it's extremely captivating and well written and your portrayal of a emotionally hungry genius is amazing. I really loved how he act on logic and the information he got available (which is more than most) and the unique elements this story has are just superb.

I also wish you the best and hope you're doing better.
Thank you for writing :)
9/1 c1 Guest
Okay, but what was the little bit at the beginning? A preview of what is to come? That's... A bit dull. It kinda ruins the fun of actually getting to that point when you know it's going to happen at some point. A shame, would've liked to invest the time into thism
8/29 c13 1dhruvagarwal5018
How can Harry not be interested in alchemy, especially after knowing that it's a source of immortality; surely he doesn't think that he can unearth the secrets of magic in his lifetime. He does want to right? I assume he did.
8/24 c27 jacob.wallace.528
I love this story very much and I'm sorry more people don't tell you that.
8/22 c18 Boggy
This fic seriously bogs down here. It was moving so nicely, then suddenly it's 12 chapters for one year, and it's not even close to being finished at the end. Honestly, this needs a re-write from this point onwards, the move to France is confusing and unnecessary.
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