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1/3/2018 c5 128Mulderette
If Deeks and Kensi weren't together, I could definitely envision this pairing working. Nicely done story :)
1/2/2018 c5 11countrygirluk56
I'm so glad Kensi feels the same; they both deserve some love in their lives but especially Callen. I'm so glad everything's fine. I would have liked more drama and more info about the explosion and the reason why the government buildings were targetted and why Kensi felt the need to hide but all in all a wonderful story.
1/2/2018 c4 countrygirluk56
Oh I just knew something would go wrong. Callen's finally admitted his feelings for Kensi. I'm a little surprised Sam doesn't make more of it but may be he had an inkling. Nice chapter where you raised the tempo and the tension. Well done.
1/2/2018 c3 countrygirluk56
Oh Callen's gut feeling and I love the concern you show. Another short but great chapter.
1/2/2018 c2 countrygirluk56
Wonderful couple of chapters, short though they may be. I can see their engagement ending each not wanting to put the other through the heartache that they watched Sam go through and what Deeks went through with Kensi at the missile silo. Of course Callen has to talk to Kensi because their connection. Love it - now going to read the rest of the chapters to see where you're taking this. Happy New Year
12/11/2017 c1 28knirbenrots
Wow, such a real romantic story. And actually, yes, I can envision this. They'd fit together!
12/7/2017 c1 wotumba1
11/28/2017 c1 Liasonfan75
Loved this! I wish more people would write Callen and Kensi together. They are my favorites! Thank you!
11/28/2017 c1 3Nat z29
This is an interesting technique for a writer. You have a quite nice story, complex relationships, feelings going on, a lot of action and I have the impression you did a summary of everything. Nice style though, I only wish more of it! :)
Well done!

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