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9/18 c15 4DragonFoxx
This is a great chapter.
Hang in there. Thing get better.
9/15 c1 Laland
I like the plot; like the way you write even though there are a few mistakes. That's fine. People learn. But I'm really put off by how this civilian girl just accepts that she's going to be trained for the mafia like it's an everyday occurrence. You have to ask yourself how would a normal person react? But perhaps I'm just being too picky and you aren't aiming for a realistic portrayal. Still, that's something you should keep in mind.
9/5 c1 thanzintay.2000
I am so glad someone decided to write everything that is wrong with the khr.
9/4 c5 Guest
When it's broken down, Lambo has a crazy amount of potential, and in a lot of ways might be the most advanced of his fellow Guardians in quite a lot of things, it's just his behavior and generally being a loud bratty five-year-old that masks it.
9/1 c15 Guest
Hang in there!
8/28 c15 Roofs
Is that Genkishi? Great chapter!

Yourself should be your first priority, so take a break if you need it! If writing helps you then keep writing.

xoxo Scarlett
8/25 c15 Guest
Genshiki! Thank you! I'm excited to see him in this fic! seeing as he kinda faded from existence in the anime...
8/26 c15 43ToonyTwilight
I love this fic! Thank you for making it!
8/25 c15 12Tuka Luna Marceau
Gen huh? GENKISHI?
8/25 c15 2Shiho-Akemi
What? Kami-sama? Do you tell Setsuna? or is the sentence incomplete? XD
8/25 c15 1bloodshound
Is this the faint sense of first potential Guardian i feel in the air? Reborn sees it to no doubt, chaotic little schemer that he is.

The plunnie crop looks most interesting. may their trails run smoothly for you.
8/25 c15 shikirio
Congratulate! Setsuna ! You just acquired a cult
8/25 c15 DarkFireCat5241999
You could take a break to get some help
8/25 c15 2Goldenfightergirl
Oh wow, you transferred Genkishi’s fanaticism to Setsuna. Is Reborn going to try and get him to be her Mist?
8/25 c15 merendinoemiliano
Very cool chapter, as much simple, 't wait for next chapters. For thath explosion,i guess always Flames.
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