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22h c14 IBO
6/20 c13 Guest
I would love to read about Reborn having to deal with Magical Girl Sawanda Natsuki and the weirdness of Namimori and just getting through it by gritting his teeth and imagining shootng Iemitsu.
6/20 c14 4DannyPhantom619
Sweet story
5/29 c14 4Vaughn Tyler
5/25 c6 Guest
Please note that "Tenth" in Italian is "Decimo", no such things as "Decima" is a feminine form because it has its own meaning.

Even Daniela, the Eighth boss, is "Ottavo" not "Ottava" (and this also has its own meaning), so why "Decima"?
5/26 c14 bobbihachet
Whoo another update so soon after the last one! What a way to start summer vacation! Thank you so much.
I agree with you that the reason for Takeshi’s narrow tunnel vision when it comes to baseball is probably due to his coach’s conditioning. Probably saw him as a golden egg first year and trained him to be winning-machine. The manga never really went into detail what Takeshi’s relationship was to his team, so for all we know they were a pack of slackers who foisted all the hard work onto him. I think depicting him as a depressed ace that was surrounded by fake friends and exploitative mentors in this story gives him a good reason to detach himself from those toxic connections.
However, the flashback of Takeshi getting accidentally hit in the face by his mom gave me a slight chill. I know this may not have been your intention, but was his mother also a baseball fan? The story framed it as a childhood accident that Takeshi can take as a warning if he doesn’t change. But, to me, it felt like his talent for baseball may have been inherited from Keiko? Idk but it really stood out to me.
What’s more, Gokudera finally considering the group as his friends after getting rejected due to racism and scandal over his heritage? I was on the verge of tears. Everyone is starting a new path, and I just love how they’re gradually getting better. Nagi is gentle and forgiving, Ryohei is the Certified Good Boy, and Gokudera and Yamamoto are warming up to each other. Hayato will be well taken care of with friends like these.
You also acknowledged that, with how busy she is, there is no way for Setsuna to be Lambo’s guardian in the near future. I’m glad you wrote Nagako deciding to foster him during his formative years; he and I-pin becoming pseudo-siblings makes me giggle with glee.
Also, if the Hibari genes are as strong as I know they are, then my ovaries are ready to detonate for Takumu and Susumu.
I’m so excited for Xanxus and Tsuna story. Can’t wait to read it.
5/23 c14 Guest
love it
5/23 c14 2Shiho-Akemi
Gods ~
If so, they scolded Takkun. How would he rekindle Xanxus? or rather, how would you scold Timothy? ekjhjfken
5/23 c14 merendinoemiliano
Absolutely great chapter,i love this story more and more. Good work.
5/23 c14 1Sakihinata
Thanks for updating ;)
5/23 c14 4Celestina Filia
I was really shocked to see the Zone taking place in this story when it originated from Kuroko no Basuke, but nonetheless, it just made this whole thing really interesting! It's like a combination of some sports anime like Yuri on Ice (cough) and Kuroko no Basuke. Probably a pinch of Diamond no Ace or Major. Keep up the good work!
5/16 c13 10foxchick1
All the plot bunnies look like fun reads.
5/15 c13 bobbihachet
The moment you revealed that it was Takeshi who threw it, I was like, "NO~! I TAKE IT BACK! NOT MY OTHER BABY!" It was hard to read the fall out, since Takeshi has went through so much and he was bound to feel awful for what he did. But, I'm glad you didn't pull any punches and addressed another serious problem that was played for laughs in the manga. With Maeda-sensei, Setsuna-nee, and Reborn, he's in good hands. Can't wait until next time for him to properly control that strength.

Gokudera being resentful is par the course for, and I hope he and Takeshi can reconcile in due time. Ryohei was a dutiful Nii-san, too, but I feel like he's becoming the team's Certified Good Boy. I mean, Kyoko is his big sister and is probably the only good influence he needs, but I would like to read more about how he's developing, too.

Love the characterization of Mami here. You made her fiery and competitive, making her loss to Nagi even more hurtful. You also didn't write her as the typical Jealous Bitch. You gave her background about her hard work and the struggles she had to face, which had enough realistic flaws that prevented her from placing first. What's more, Mami challenging Nagi is helping our sweet girl move past her "Notice-me-Sempai" phase; Nagi is gaining confidence as a real competitor now. I look forward to the rivalry of these two. They're growing up and becoming better bit by bit.

I think all your plot bunnies would be equally interesting stories, but I personally like Xanxus and Tsu-chan the ghost whisperer since I'm a big Xanxus fan.
5/14 c13 Guest
All. All is good. I choose all of them
5/14 c13 2Shiho-Akemi
Gods ~ the things you question about the manga are so obvious that I feel like a complete idiot not having taken it into account before xD

Fufu ~ almost everyone in the Tsu group are potential depressants

Gods gods gods! they all sound so wonderful! wants to read them all ... of course, when you can get them out hdjzhs
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