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for The Dragon's Roar

5/19 c68 GavelHammerMan
I’m glad I continued reading this story, it is finally getting quite interesting.
5/15 c117 Marina
Какая светлая глава) Я читаю в переводе компьютера, приходиться долго разбираться во фразах, но мне очень-очень нравится! Очень рада примерению Джейме и Бриены!
5/14 c24 Guest
This is a fantastic story, started binge reading it around 1am, really love how it's progressing. No joke was the reason I was awake to stop an assualt happening outside my window at 4am so this fic has saved a life now. Very excited to see how it develops and will definitely check out your other works once i finish :)
5/14 c117 22DarylDixon'sLover
Great chapter
5/3 c1 teufelchen
Hoffentlich trifft der Tod dany.
4/30 c116 Inoobe
I understand feeling betrayed and confused to be faced with the seemingly insane possibility that your husband lived an entirely different life, one were for much of it he was a much worse person who did some unforgivable things, who went back in time and is trying to he a good man/husband, but at the same time Briene's reaction feels a little silly to me.
I get that I'm looking at it objectively and not subjectively from her point of view, but in a world where it's recently been proven that dragons, magic, ancient artifacts like dragon binder (though she probably doesn't know about that one to be fair), and evil ice people that want to destroy humanity exist, well it feels a little funny to go, "magic and myths might be real, but time travel is crazy".Though the more I think about it the more I get that there's potentially implications around her having a hard time thinking it through because trying to accept time travel would mean accepting the bad things Jaime did and that he fell in love with another version of her before her.
All in all I liked it and even though a good amount of time passed in the story I'm happy that as a reader it didn't take long to get through the angst of her not believing him.
4/30 c116 Tony McNucklz
Felt inauthentic. Jaime yelling just doesn't feel real. He's more the sort to speak softly, to hiss his wrath in a low, wrathful tone, more like to speak with menacing tones than to scream like a woman in hysterics. I honestly can't picture the shouting.
4/28 c12 5Akashic Records
Well now, this is certainly a change to canon. Not that I mind. Quite a few GoT fics would never be this bold. I like it!
4/1 c68 oxyd2013
Here we have two guys coming back from the future, and what do they do with everything they know? Almost nothing!
They tolerate traitors with a provable trail of treachery, and threats like a nuclear-scale stockpile of wildfire (oops! I forgot, sowwy). They take their time, communicate at a snail pace while the bad guys seem to dispose of an hidden internet to mount complex operations half a continent away at the same time they have a spy or a skilled operative behind every blade of grass.
Meanwhile, we have Jon boring us with internal monologues about Edd who never dared to act against the danger that threatened his family and the kingdom. But! We need a fair trial before we contemplate moving our thumb out of our ass.

IHMO, the same thing happened with the TV-show after a few seasons: Overpowered, all-knowing bad-guys and Über-stupid good guys.

It's well written and full of original ideas but the required suspension of disbelief has reached such a level that I can't go further. The smooth return of little-finger after what is known about him is the last strike, sorry.
3/29 c43 2JManM
And we encounter the first bit of forced drama. What in the ever loving hell is he doing not arresting Baelish? This is just keeping a bad guy around to prevent the path forward in your story from being to smooth, and I don't abide that kind of foolery.

You do have excellent writing chops though.
3/19 c113 22DarylDixon'sLover
Great chapter
3/16 c10 1Shay Shadowhunter
oh fuck tywin is going to be pissed!
3/14 c14 1TheBluePilgrim
Robb would be his heir even after Daenerys arrived... she's barren.
О, спасибо! Какая чудесная интрига в новой главе!
3/5 c112 Tony McNucklz
Have I lost my mind or has it just been too long since I read this story? I have zero recollection of anything forshadowing the mist and "asshai devil". This chapte felt underwhelming since I was expecting a proper fight, and instead got a bunch of directionless fumbling in the mist.
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