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9/17 c135 dlowe2651
fucking awesome update again soon
9/10 c134 11Haku's Lover18
I read and finished this story in less than a week. I cannot wait for more! I love the amazing detail you have woven into this and hope you update soon!
8/31 c134 MarvelGirl2005
I love the story more than I thought I would I read this is the day I started reading this at 10 o’clock this morning and now I’m just finishing it at 11:53 Pm . I seriously seriously love this. It’s a mix of the book and the show its so good. I do have one idea I think Jaime should be closer to Daenerys, because I remember reading in some other fanfics where he was there when his Daenerys’s mother was being abused by the king, so I think he could see bits of Daenerys, his mother and her, and tell her about her mother . I would also help them get closer since Aemon and Jaime are very close I feel like Damaris would want to be close to him as well. Also, I fully fully think what Jorah tried to do to Dany should be made public, and how she fought him off because she’s like I’m loyal to my husband and my family not you. And I also think she would get a lot of respect from her people like the women of Kings Landing could see this and be like the queen invite for so we should fight for ourselves. And unsullied would be like that’s our queen. We chose her and Dothraki would be like a woman fighting. We respect that. Anyway, thank you for letting me go off and ramble. If this does not make sense I understand. I am currently writing this with little to no sleep, but I’m still doing it so if there’s any spelling mistakes, my apologies
8/23 c134 Faith O
Thanks for updating. Love the story.
8/20 c12 Guest
Every Character OOC, supid plot convenient for some dumb bitch of a Rhaegar Fangirl. Jump!
8/18 c19 Angeloux
Story has potential, but the constant whining from Aemon about slights in a past life ruins it. It’s weird that Jamie Lannister is the only one he’s willing to forgive. He bashes his own family, but sings accolades to Jamie. Even with the backstory from the past life, it’s too unbalanced. This is written like a bashing fic more than anything else.
8/17 c15 Angeloux
Interesting story so far, but I do hope the Jamie d**kriding tones down over time. It’s a bit heavy handed.
8/17 c12 Angeloux
It’s nice to see something original!
8/17 c10 Angeloux
This whole chapter was very wtf.
8/12 c134 dlowe2651
fucking awesome update again soon
8/12 c134 davyspark343
Good chapter. Thanks for posting.
7/18 c98 9Firefly9202002
So I finally picked this back up again to finish it and im very confused. Didnt Jaime resign from being Hand? Didnt Tyrion take over being Hand and Aemon make Jaime Master of War? Why do people keep referrng to Jaime as Hand? Why is he still staying in the Tower of the Hand?
7/15 c133 dlowe2651
fucking awesome update again soon
7/15 c133 22DarylDixon'sLover
Great chapter
7/14 c132 TheRightPrice
Baby sister? So Asha Greyjoy has been made younger than Theon is this AU?
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