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12/5/2020 c55 3Insaneauthor050701
dump it into sand and then carry it out by the barrel
12/5/2020 c55 Insaneauthor050701
as far as I know you dont need to be traumatized to have greensight lol bloodraven didn't need to be crippled neither did jojen
12/5/2020 c49 Insaneauthor050701
survive baelish just kill him lmao you already have evidence and witnesses to the fact he conspired to kill jon arryn wth
12/5/2020 c49 Insaneauthor050701
aemon literally told him how to hatch it fire and blood and he hasn't done anything at all. dose he not have any targaryens instinct at all?
12/5/2020 c48 Insaneauthor050701
seriously why did they leave baelish alone?
12/5/2020 c45 Insaneauthor050701
why has he not taken baelish down? that's seems very dumb
12/5/2020 c38 Insaneauthor050701
also Jamie is very abrasive it's nice when its deserved but otherwise he just alienates everyone
12/5/2020 c37 Insaneauthor050701
they keep pushing away tyrion when they need him its ridiculous
12/5/2020 c25 Insaneauthor050701
a place on a council? that's ridiculous as well as a squire? what the heck
12/5/2020 c23 Insaneauthor050701
the three eyed raven is bull blood Raven is an evil git
12/4/2020 c86 6AJ Granger
I understand Jon's devastation at the thought of losing Daenerys but the incest part made that a less accepting match. Then again, without Daenerys and Sansa for the incest factor and Margery since she's married, that would mean a lesser known female. Frankly, I very much doubt you will kill off Daenerys though. I loved Tywin's reaction to Jamie's comment about marrying Brienne of Tarth. I do really like those two when Jamie redeems himself. It's also one of those things that makes the final episode such a crap ending since Jamie left her, but not before sleeping with her, and the Brienne goes to Kings Landing leaving Sansa without protection. Overall, I enjoyed this chapter and look forward to more.
12/3/2020 c46 Oddballzebra
So Daenerys is still a crazy bitch. Wonderful.
12/2/2020 c36 1blueandie
Viserys turning on the slaves when he couldn't take out his anger on Dany was expected but so brutal. I liked the small detail of Dany keeping her eyes on them until they fell out of sight because it was the only thing she could think of to do for them, recognise them as humans.

[The fire danced dangerously in Drogo’s eyes and his reply was clipped, “You shall have your gold crown.”] - I liked the description of his eyes leading into the 'acceptance' and that when Dany reacts to the pain, the rest of the room feels like chaotic noise that she can't focus on. Poor Dany, the descriptions of her in pain were very visceral. This line was particularly heartbreaking - "She felt the ache of loneliness immensely and groaned mournfully, tears tracking down her face". The dream sequences and her anger at Drogo for removing her chance to say goodbye was well done. This was a rough chapter but I am intrigued to see what this earlier loss is going to change along with Dany's visions of Rhaegar's child.
12/2/2020 c35 blueandie
Yay! I have such a soft spot for Barristan so it was wonderful to see him as a POV character, especially when you utilise it so well to show the comparison between Aemon and Rhaegar and Jaime's return in this timeline. Side note: I'm pretty certain the first piece of writing of yours I saw was from his perspective (on a CC thread) so this was a nice callback to that as well as showing more of the relationship between Jaime and Barristan.

My favourite part of this chapter was Barristan thinking back over Jaime's life, putting together those memories with this new information. The section about Jaime's delight and youthful energy at being knighted before it was stripped away by the war was fantastic and I liked the impact of "Then one day he’d woken up and he hadn’t been able to fight at all. He kept looking at his swordhand as if it was foreign to him..." The simplicity of that first line works so well to bring across how bizarre and sudden the change would have been to witness, especially by someone who knew him rather well beforehand. It was wonderfully eerie to see Barristan's memories of being seen for the first time again knowing what those moments must have meant for Jaime.

"Be better than Jaime Lannister. Put aside your feud with him and embrace your role with King Aemon as a steady rock in a sea of chaos.” - Great piece of dialogue. Barristan and Ned are two interesting characters and are both struggling to find where they fit in this new group dynamic. I very much enjoyed the opportunity to see them interact more. "Don’t make the same mistakes with Aemon that I made with Jaime Lannister.” - Okay, I love that you drew this comparison and I love how you write Barristan. The whole section of dialogue as he relayed Jaime's suicide attempt was fantastic and I liked that you made it about the changes in Jaime but also about how Barristan used those moments to reflect and grow himself. "Now I know that the burden of carrying memories of a tragedy and a horror that no one else had must have become too much to bear and he saw no recourse but to end it all." - So so good. "Honor is admirable, Lord Stark, but it’s a handicap here in King’s Landing. Don’t force him to shackle himself to it for your approval." - SO SO GOOD. Bloody hell, this is such a good chapter. Gosh, I'm so intrigued to see what you do with Ned from here.

Ha, the sass about Renly helping and his glare in response. He's a fool but I did feel for him in the conversation with Barristan. "You had your chance, Renly. Now you must live with it" - Barristan is absolutely in my top 5 favourite POVs that you've used. Absolutely fantastic chapter and you used his character perfectly to draw together multiple characters' stories and histories, show the aftermath of the last chapter's events and potentially change the course of Ned and Aemons' relationship. I don't know if I was too subtle (ha) but the dialogue in this chapter was amazing, so many incredible lines.

And we've reached the end of Book 1! As much as I enjoyed the separate chapters of Aemon and Jaime setting out for their negotiations and the opportunity to explore their relationships with other characters (Arya being a favourite!) and introduce new ones (David, Gerion and the whole bunch on Jaime's ship were fun), the last few chapters have been so exciting and very hard to put down. It was very satisfying to see the characters back together for addressing the Red Keep and to have Renly and Brienne come into play. Your characterisation remains an absolute strength with ALL of the Tyrells, Renly, Arya and Barristan being highlights of the supporting cast in the last batch of chapters with Barristan and Varys having my favourites of the new POV chapters - the way you used Varys to comment on the aftermath of Tywin and Jaimes' meeting was fantastic. You have a knack of weaving these POVs together so that they inform each other and to show the effects of these events. The standoff between Walder Frey and Aemon, Jaime's greeting of the Tyrells, Aemon lying about Baelish's letter, sneaking into the Red Keep and the conversation between Ned and Barristan in this chapter were my favourite scenes.
12/2/2020 c86 Guest
I love
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