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5/8 c1 7JonathanO'Riley
While this certainly story has its flaws, I can confidently say that it's by far one of the better written ones on this site. Much better than most of the other drivel written by tasteless hacks that pretend to be good.
5/8 c12 Simianpower
This whole plotline feels contrived. Cersei isn't that much of an idiot. I hope the story gets better and this is a one-off plot forcing. Usually stories have one or two, but they typically occur in the first chapter or two. So one is forgivable, but if further OOC plot-forcing occurs this will be a drop.
5/8 c10 Simianpower
This is pretty out of character for everyone except the idiot king. The first 8 chapters of this were really good, but I'm losing interest quickly. Yes, there needs to be conflict, but it needs to be believable and this is just silly.
5/8 c9 Simianpower
Good story so far. Two minor complaints about this chapter:

1) When there are a bunch of people talking, it's sometimes tough to figure out who's saying what since sometimes it goes for several rounds before you indicate the speaker again.

2) Cersei seems... a bit flanderized here. Sure, she's a petty, vindictive bitch, but in this chapter she also seems to be a complete fucking idiot, and I never got that impression of her elsewhere.
5/6 c1 For-England-James
Decided to try and read some GOT fanfics on the back of your appearance on the writers block podcast. I’ve had the fic followed since chapter 1 (checked email notifications for updates) also thanks for answering my questions on the podcast!sir ladeeda (TBR discord)
5/4 c96 1Golshad
Thanks for updating
5/3 c96 kalipendragon
Nice, about time I'd say lol
5/2 c96 kiwiSD
Finally she accepted! That was easier than I thought. Loved this chapter.

Just FYI I think there’s a typo where you refer to “House of the Ashes” but I think you meant House of the Undying.

Moreover, looking forward to whatever will be unfolding regarding David! I never felt right about him.

Will the wedding be in a month?
5/2 c96 LordRhyolith
Thanks for the chapter! :)
5/1 c96 4Lillian81
But oh wow healer David with Illyrio? That doesn’t bode well
5/1 c96 18DarylDixon'sLover
Great chapter
4/29 c38 Im Not a Hoe
oooo whaaaat! could the citadel react negativity? ill keep reading to find out
4/24 c95 LordRhyolith
Good story so far!

Thanks for your hard work, and for sharing :)
4/24 c52 LordRhyolith
Heh... Olenna, that old gold-digger
4/24 c50 LordRhyolith
By the old gods and the new, Catelyn's dimwitted worldview always manages to make me shake my head in annoyance.
Jamie was violated by Cersei, and that crazy hussy ended up pregnant, and now Catelyn says that it is a mercy for the child the be stillborn. Honestly, it wouldn't surprise me if someone were to find out that she is cursed by the Old Gods or whatever for her despicable behavior. She probably thinks that bastards are more sinful than Gregor Clegane.
What a c...
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