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4/23 c33 LordRhyolith
I hope he doesn't just forget about Renly mocking him. I hate it when the protagonists excuse their lack of backbone with some nonsense about stability, etc.
Killing Renly might be a bit too much, be he can take away his titles, etc., and maybe turn him into a workforce to keep King's Landing or so clean.
Sending him to the wall might give him the opportunity to confuse people into rebelling.
4/22 c95 1danigirl4
This story had me almost right off the bat, took a while, but I finally reached your most recent update, and am curious as to where you go with it. Keep up the great work
4/20 c95 kalipendragon
It's funny to think but of everyone there, Dany is probably in the most difficult position. I mean, ever since she got her dragons, she's been operating under the assumption that she's the rightful heir to the throne. Come to find out that she's not, that it's actually a hidden nephew she never knew about, that said nephew took her father's slayer as his Hand, and now to find out that he actually had a righteous and legitimate reason to kill her father? Jeez, can't even imagine the kind of emotional turmoil she must be going through..
4/19 c95 FrenchWhiteFox
thank for the chapter! I hope Daenerys will have less hate for Jaime
4/19 c10 BigOofMan
4/19 c95 InCK
would be cool to see this scene again, but from dany's pov
4/18 c95 Shinki
I find it ironic that he is angry at Ned Stark for judging him. It was he himself told them nothing and hid the secret for so long!

What was stark supposed to think? Didn't have any telepathic superpower to know the truth automatically!
4/17 c95 18DarylDixon'sLover
Great chapter
4/17 c95 Sakb
You call that an apology Ned? He was barely more than a boy, forced to watch horrors upon horrors and when he finally made the choice between duty and honor killing the mad bastard you called him Kingslayer and all but spat on him. Didn't even ask why he did it.

Dany is in a bad place right now. She knew her dad wasn't a Saint and that he had to have done something to be named the Mad King but to know he was literally going to burn Kings Landing to the ground with everyone it?
4/17 c95 4Lillian81
Wait wait wait so did they already finish getting rid of it? Because if they haven’t any they announced that it was there... that’s really risky
4/17 c95 13sachaelle
Poor Jaime, I feel for him the righteous anger felt when accused of wrongdoing is not easy to let go of.
4/14 c94 trinity seven
and when will jon have a Valyrian steel sword again? or the blackfire sword will magically appear
4/11 c94 1SeaweedBrainIsBlue
it'll be cool to see their reactions to the wight.
thx for the chapter, hope u come back soon.
4/9 c65 7voyagemaiden
I just saw that you’re a Slytherin! Now I understand why your writing is so good. Slytherins, after all, have the potential for greatness. lol I’m enjoying every moment of this story. Thanks once again!
4/3 c94 4Lillian81
Don’t worry Margery, I’m just as curious!
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