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for Ghost From the Past

2/7 c17 kishiafantasy
It's 2023 and this is like my fourth time reading the story . Please I need to know how this end!
5/28/2022 c17 Guest
Hermoso continúala porfavor
5/29/2021 c17 Zozozoie
Please please please continue the story...please dont torture me for another 2 years
4/14/2021 c17 Pancilla
Love this story can’t wait for the chapter
3/23/2021 c17 Caitliiiiin
I lalalooove this new update! Its so funny and very intriguing at the same time.. It actually hasn't been that long since your last update, which i am greatly thankful for hehe... Anyway I can't wait for the next chapter I'm sure it'll be amazing! xxxx
1/10/2021 c16 Guest
Hello. I just found you fanfiction and read it. I love it! The future-parts were a bit confusing at first but the idea and story are really great. I hope that there will be more chapters soon.
1/9/2021 c16 Caitliiiiin
looooved this chapter sooo so much, I can't wait for more!

1/1/2021 c16 wintermoon7
I'm so happy you updated the story. Had to reread the story again to remember what was going on lol. But fell in love with the story all over again
12/29/2020 c16 Elianni0510
Glad ur back almost forgot about this story please don't wait to long i love this story
12/29/2020 c16 Kepan
So glad you updated. I hope trunks whoop leo ass
An im curious as trunks knocked up valese
12/28/2020 c16 4Sunshine Spray
From one cliffhanger to another! Glad to see you’re still around. To be honest, I’m really interested in how Trunks impregnated Valese.

Can I just say I loved the bit with Pan hesitating with the wash cloths? I found that so clever and funny.
9/29/2020 c15 Zozozoie
Oh no... does this no longer get updated at all? its super good! Please come back
2/25/2020 c15 Kary Bobbins
How in hell did I miss the redo of this story until now! I can't believe it T.T
I always loved this crazy story, I loved not knowing what was really going on. Turns out, it was Bardock's genes. I'm kinda sad they won't see the future anymore (for my entertainment's sake XD), but I guess it was for the best (btw, wow Gohan! He put in good use his gift).
What I still can't understand for the life of me is, WTF Trunks?! Valese?! Of all the girls you could have had a drunken mistake (or whatever it was). How could you do that to Goten? I just can't believe he do that to him, he MUST give us a good explanation, I need answers!
1/22/2019 c15 Guest
I hate how the party scene went. I think Pan should’ve told Goten what she knows.

I love this story o just discovered it, it’s something new and different. And I would love a happy ending, it deserves one.
1/4/2019 c1 Nana Kodama
Didn't see THAT coming. If Trunks and Pan are destined to be together, the pathway sure is rocky. Lol Happy New Year!
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