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for Lie to Me

11/29/2018 c1 tall-gaybow
Oh my fuckig god that was awesome
11/30/2017 c1 Someone you know
Absolutely loved it!, it was pretty hot seeing Lena talking dirty to Diana with no fear, that said she had confident and she knew that Diana would dominate her, great job overall. Your writing was worth the time!
12/2/2017 c2 5Biscuitbuns
Once have done it! Leaving me thirsty for more and more! The shower has gotta get hotter and heavier...oooooh shit! Write more please, dont leave me hanging baby!
11/30/2017 c1 Biscuitbuns
OMFG! I want to scream right now 'write the rest of it!' You have me waiting to read the rest of your story, I have been wanting someone to write a WW/SG fanfic! Thank you! Please please please please please please pleeeeeease write more of the story!

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