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12/28/2017 c10 65DiscordianSamba

Okay but I snorted while reading this one. Short and really funny, godspeed Heiji and Shiho.
12/22/2017 c6 27The Symbol of Faith
*100% death guaranteed or your money back!*
Sheesh! XD
I love Ran - especially the way you portray her...also, the image - Winter Soldier, trained assasin and cold-blooded killer - plus dietician ... "Eat your fruits...or *else*..."

Loving it so far!

Waiting for the next chapter!
12/22/2017 c5 The Symbol of Faith
*chokes* *sputters*

"What's a girl gotta do to get a hem wide enough to hide a garrotte wire on -"
Oh my god, i curled up laughing - honestly? The best casting is Kazuha Natasha!
Also, Hakuba as the Hulk, huh...
12/22/2017 c4 The Symbol of Faith
Shinichi as Cap the, *the* best!
And Kaito as Hakweye - that's good too! Especially his humor :D
Still love the way Haibara - er, Miyano, here - interacts with Kudo. That's never going to get old. Also, Shinichi's monologues are wonderful XD
You're more than meets my expectations, and I can almost imagine the scene taking place...
Good job!

12/22/2017 c3 The Symbol of Faith
Heiji getting ganged up on by the others - I can sooo see this xD

And really, the mesh between the characters and their "marvel parts" keeps making me smile.

12/16/2017 c3 65DiscordianSamba
rest in pieces, hattori heiji, rest in pieces. remember, you're the one who chose your friends!
12/3/2017 c2 27The Symbol of Faith
Wow, did you just allude to Momiji Ooka and Miyano Shiho here?
Also, I love the way you write Heiji and Kazuha :D Always so damn cheerful, they lift my spirits too!
Lastly...what does "kaffeeklatsch" mean? I'm all for mysterious and intriguing chapter names...but this seems a bit out of my reach :P

Lovely chapter though!
Loved it!

Looking forward to more!

12/2/2017 c2 65DiscordianSamba
No matter what the universe, Shinichi and Shiho's salt wars continue to fuel themselves. Some things just never change...
11/30/2017 c1 27The Symbol of Faith
Ah! An Avenger AU :D
Definitely well written! Especially with Kazuha as the Widow! Loved her wit here :D
And the Heiji/Shinichi meeting - so much like in canon, ended up being fast friends by the time the case/fight got over XD
Lovely one-shot!

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