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for The Life I Was Destined For

7/1/2022 c8 Susieliz
It's hard to believe that Lorelei and Dean had more power than the Haydens, Gilmores, Huntzbergers & DuGreys. Why no restraini ng orders, arrests? Why would Rory continue to visit Stars Hollow? Why did Luke just now catch on to Lorelei? Why no PO?
4/6/2022 c1 Susan
Frightening! Lorelei's manipulative, controlling behavior X 10!

Rory needs to stay far away from Stars Hollow & she needs a restraining order for both Lorelei & Dean.

An epilogue would be nice
4/6/2022 c6 Susan
Why does Rory even visit Stars Hollow,?
11/4/2021 c8 4divawife
I wish there was more
5/29/2021 c8 52shari
Lorelei is one very disturbed person. It’s a good thing the size of her support team. Love Luke is part of it. What have been the grandparents part in keeping her safe. If Tristan dad knew Dudley the grandparents knew some of it. Anxiously waiting for more
5/29/2021 c7 52shari
So full of sad and hurtful information. Unfortunately this fiction translates into real life. Usually to late to save the victim
5/29/2021 c5 52shari
I love that you changed how Mitchum and family reacts to Rory. Is Luke with Lorelei in this fic? We all know how Luke in his overly protective way loves Rory
5/29/2021 c4 52shari
I like they put Logan in his place. But do we trust him. Lorelei is going to be so sorry. Not to mention what will happen to dean.
5/29/2021 c3 52shari
Yes this is not our passive Rory. I like her. Cliffhanger! Logan or Dean
5/29/2021 c2 52shari
Oh good Logan not just spoils rich guy. He’s slimmy
5/29/2021 c1 52shari
Yes Lorelei is going to be a nuclear bomb going off. Nothing good on the horizon. Pull your close friends in tight
1/26/2021 c8 Susan
So sad...why us she going to Stars Hollow at all? She should have been taken out of there by the grandparents years ago...never to return. She should have restraining orders against Lorelei & Dean. They both need to be arrested for assault...Write more chapters...
10/3/2020 c8 Susan
Well written, but sooo sad More chapters I hope
7/21/2020 c8 olgaaznarez1
Please please update
10/27/2019 c8 2LunaEclipse94
Ioving this story it’s completely different from any story I have read on here. Hope you continue it.
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