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for Our Future: You, Me and that little Brat

10/9 c1 fluffstabber
the summary is wrong first of all and the story itself is confusing.. maybe because of the grammar mistakes?
10/7 c9 finderlov
Update update Please
9/4 c1 onjUH
Veri n1c3wzpst0riP8
5/17 c8 2angelgoddess10
Honestly I'm confused of the timeline already. The last clear storyline was Asami asking for Kirishima to locate his future child and Akihito learned that he was pregnant. When the kids came into the story I thought it was a recall of the past then now... I'm confused. I hope the next chapters will clear up everything. Because it seems there are multiple storylines going on especially with their child running in two different times and apparently even has an ability to see each other through their mind if I understand that part correctly. Also it was not clear as to why their child had to come see them in different times (one as a baby and the other as a teen). It appeared to have a wedding of some sort but it was discontinued and now their purpose to stop (maybe the wedding of Akihito- but that was absurd since the teen was able to see Asami which I assume Akihito was already married to another) so yeah... it's now confusing. I hope it'll be explained clearly next time.
Thanks for the update
5/16 c7 yukino76
good update thanks
5/16 c7 finderlov
Great chapter
5/8 c5 Guest
Yeay can't wait for next update, tHank you
5/9 c4 6ctdiaz
please read the newest chapter of viewfinder manga because Fei Long is uke and slept with Maikhail. Kyaaaaaaaaaa
5/8 c6 yukino76
Ichirou is really having a blast
5/8 c5 yukino76
oh Akihito wake up
5/8 c6 2angelgoddess10
Wow next chapter should be about the present. I really wish to see how Asami will react especially knowing all the things he knew from the past. Also I wonder what made Asami and Akihito in terrible terms. I hope they can avoid that wedding which I assume is for Akihito.
5/8 c5 Liapxi
this chapter so hilarious. thanks author san for the update
4/24 c4 18NekoAyane
i love it! Please update!
12/31/2017 c4 emymonmon20
okay i am little confused about the whole story there is flashback and present so make it clear and put a space saying this like flashback or now
12/13/2017 c4 TMIDemigodDivergent
well I'm a chinese, so I can definitely say it would be something majestic. Feilong means the flying dragon, so the son could be Moufong, the dancing Phoenix, from the idiom Long Fei fong mou, which means elegance and sophistication.
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