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for Reddie One-shots!

2/5 c34 Morgan Ringgold
I know this song!
2/5 c32 Morgan Ringgold
I cried so hard I literally was yelling “FYCK YOU RICHIE” over the phone
2/5 c31 Morgan Ringgold
Oh no you weren’t gonna make Eddie die I would have cried
2/4 c21 Morgan Ringgold
People under rate you your really good at this and may he Rest In Peace
1/26 c11 lily
ya need to stop saying these are trash and apologizing they are great the only thing that is trash is richies mouth. (ya see what i did there :3) keep up the fabulous work! C:
9/18/2020 c6 Guest
I personally really like this one I don’t know why lol
8/17/2020 c44 8xxXBrokenBoyXxx
OOoh Can we do Trans male Eddie and the losers club find out when his mom rudely misgenders him and then he's like upset that they found out before he could come out to them and Richie comforts him, comes out as gay, and then we get Reddie fluff and the losers club bonding over being LGBTQ?
8/16/2020 c44 OptimisticWatermelon98
Me dying in the corner because of the cuteness: TAT I love it :)
8/15/2020 c44 TeamSolangelo1803
7/30/2020 c43 RockloreOtter
Ok, but have you ever considered Richie and Eddie being left alone at Eddie’s house, but instead of making out, they decide to slide around on the hard wood floor in socks and then accidentally crash into each other? Because, uh, I have lol
7/7/2020 c43 OptimisticWatermelon98
i dont know if you've done this but you should do one where richie and eddie are soulmates. I don't know how it'll go but their soulmates.
like everyone is born with an image of something that represents their soulmate on their wrists. i dont know just a thought.
6/26/2020 c6 Guest
Ok, you need to stop calling your stories shitty and that they suck! The first one I read made me cry bc I was so happy for Reddie! I really really love them and wish they got together in the movie! Your doing such a good job so please never stop!
6/22/2020 c32 OptimisticWatermelon98
i didn't cry because i don't really show sadness at all. I'm one of those people that bottles the sadness and anger all up until it explodes.
Anyway, I kinda felt like crying during this though. First time I have ever read something that made me want to cry. So good job!
6/22/2020 c12 OptimisticWatermelon98
Well at least we now know who's the girl in the relationship…

*cough* Eddie *cough*

JK :3
6/5/2020 c1 fcrlash
hi! i love it so much and i can translate this fanfic into russian and mark you ?
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