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for The Twelve Days of Christmas

1/21/2018 c7 1moreremusplease
In the seventh chapter of TDoC the author gave to me . . . Hot flashes, and warm fluffiness... she does spoil her readers ;)
1/21/2018 c6 moreremusplease
In the sixth chapter of TDoC the author provided for me scintillating words, lace and ribbon wrapping, and one well intended werwolf who should have left me ready for more... three? Should have brought four...
1/21/2018 c5 moreremusplease
In the fifth chapter of TDoC the author gave to me, five rising domenatrics? Lol, and some excitement for later in the story...
1/21/2018 c4 moreremusplease
In the fourth chapter of TDoC the author gave to me plenty of fluff and one nosy Weasley.
1/21/2018 c3 moreremusplease
In the third chapter of TDoC the author gave to me angsty dueling swots and a snog that made everyone happy...
1/21/2018 c2 moreremusplease
In the second chapter of TDoC the author has given me two grilled cheeses and smattering of fluffy feelings...
1/21/2018 c9 25GraceEliz
We all know a Sirius. In fact, I know more than one... don't suppose you'd like one?
1/21/2018 c1 1moreremusplease
In the first chapter of TDoC the author gave to me the starting of a great story...
1/20/2018 c9 tlc125
Great as always. Protective Remus is definitely sexy. This was a fun chapter. Thank you.
1/20/2018 c9 4Damon-girl96
Loving this story.
My fave HP otps are
Hermione/Draco (if written correctly)
Hermione/Fred ( i like the balance they would have together)
Hermione/Charlie (for some reason i love the idea of her with him it just works for me)
Hermione/Sirius (if written properly. Usually set in marauders era)
Hermione/ remus ( again has to be written right)

As you can probably tell i like my hermione pairings. I just like that she is a kickass female character.
Although i dont like her and ron together. To me it doesn't make sense.

Can't wait for the next chapter
1/3/2018 c7 tlc125
I like it. Thanks.
12/28/2017 c6 Guest
That was hot. Personally I could have done with more smut but only write what you're comfortable with. It really was well done.
12/27/2017 c5 Goose
Awesome. Bash Ron for no reason. Trash.
12/28/2017 c6 11ftlow
I love this. It was much more human than smut can so often become. Very well done.
12/28/2017 c6 tlc125
I think you did a good job. There was a romantic scene, but it was not smutty at all. More details about their actions would have been smut. I personally like both so do what you're comfortable with. Thank you for updating.
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