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6/21 c12 Guest
Would love to see you continue this fic!
5/13 c12 2AilahtaN
Me encanta tu estilo de escritura. Y esta historia es demasiado linda! Por favor continuar pronto, me agrada como transcurre estos nuevos acontecimientos.
5/3 c12 caro
entonce s porque kami no le dijo como volver, o cuando volveria? si esta lejos de chichi creo que sera muy dificil que ellos se enamoren , o mas bien que el se sienta atraido por ella, no entiendo
4/30 c12 24Kitty in the Box
oh dear what is Kami's endgame here? I get it's not a physical training. it's a lot more than that. amazing. Goku just witnessed a purge.
4/25 c12 24ElisaJ
Still trying to figure out Kami's endgame with this. Is he warning Goku away from Chichi because he doesn't know who he is because of his past and wants him to understand that first before thinking of a relationship with Chichi or something else. Not sure what but I'm looking forward to finding out.
4/25 c10 ElisaJ
Yikes Kami. I get Kami's feelings but what Goku really need is a friend who will explain things to him. At least Korin is trying to show Goku he can have another life now.
4/5 c12 dragonball256
Wow that was crazy why Kami had to do Goku like that though?
4/3 c12 Courtney
Bless you for the update. It was literally just what I needed right now. But holy crap, that was intense! What is Kami trying to do to him?!
12/14/2019 c11 Caro
Wooow me has vuelto a sorprender y aun no esta terminada la historia... se encontrara con vegueta? Cuando regrese chichi estara casada? O intentara regresar con chichi cuando descubra que es ser un sayayin
11/13/2019 c1 21Aline Carneiro
i am really surprized he met Sayans, but now it is clear for me why Kami asked him to take remember who he is, im contavt with his real nature he could just loose his conection with humanity.
11/12/2019 c11 24Kitty in the Box
0h damn. he's meeting the Saiyans. oh dear. what an exciting ride and unexpected indeed. will this meeting pull him away from Chichi and everything he's ever known? I can see why Kami asked him about having keepsakes. thanks for the update.
11/10/2019 c11 Courtney
Yay, an update! So Kami sent him to meet Raddiz, Vegeta, and Nappa? Hmmm, what's he playing at?
11/10/2019 c11 dragonball256
Oh no I fear Goku might just be changed forever finding things out this way... great chapter though
9/19/2019 c10 elyza martin
it's going real nice. The story has good feels. PLZ update. Update. Pretty plz
7/8/2019 c10 Kitty in the Box
oh dear what will become of you, Goku? I'm really wondering if he even realizes what is going to happen and what this journey will cost him. will he finally let her go?
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