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8/8/2018 c8 25ElisaJ
Goku’s too sweet for his own good at times. I knew he wouldn’t give up seeing her because she won the fight. In his own way he persisted until he knew she will see him again and though she’s not admitting it, I think ChiChi wants to be chased. I look forward to see how Goku wins her heart. It’ll be worth it for them. I wonder since he and ChiChi aren’t marrying where will he live now?
8/7/2018 c3 Guestmara
Such an interesting story. I like how the characters are developing and I’m only on the third chapter. Really going to enjoy this story I can tell.
8/1/2018 c8 24Kitty in the Box
My goodness you are incredibly good at dissecting Goku's psyche, it's fascinating and wonderful. I love how character-driven this whole adventure is going. I can totally understand why Chichi did what she did but to read how utterly awed Goku was with all of it was just brilliant. I can't wait to see you again on the next update and will they or will they not get married in the end? So exciting! I think Goku is already in love but he has no idea what's happening to him, hahahaha!
7/31/2018 c8 dragonball256
Okay now this is a goku I can get behind, still kinda naive but smarter than he looks. Plus I can’t wait to see where u take this now that goku isn’t tied down by marriage for now
7/30/2018 c8 64Meg720
Your Goku is so earnest and sweet and straightforward. I've been trying to figure out how to write from his perspective, and I might incorporate some of what you're doing here. Looking forward to the next chapter.
7/28/2018 c8 foxsqueen
Cute af
7/28/2018 c8 22Aline Carneiro
This story is so cute and so touching. Love the way you write. Love the idea of their marriage being not only a promise but a choice in the end.
7/28/2018 c8 Guest
This is such an adorable twist on the beginning of Goku’s and Chi Chi’s lives together
7/28/2018 c8 Courtney
Yup, I knew he wouldn't give up so easily! And no matter what she says, she likes that.

That kiss on the cheek was so sweet. They might not be in real love yet, but it's there. It's growing.
7/23/2018 c7 25ElisaJ
I like the continuous twist in this story. One thing we know about Goku is he’s very persistent. If he loses a fight, he’s coming back for a rematch so Chichi can forget it if she thinks she got rid of Goku. And Chichi deserves the same payback one day.
7/13/2018 c7 foxsqueen
So that it? She used tricks to defeat him. Feh.

But also i think that she is testing him. To see if his intention of marry her are more than just the promise.
7/5/2018 c7 Lala
Chi Chi using her feminine wiles to keep a man from becoming her husband LOL I love it. Appreciate the update
7/5/2018 c7 Courtney
Well, that fight sure didn't go the way that was planned. Cheap trick indeed!

But who are we kidding? Even if he's "free" of the promise, he'll still come back to see her...
7/5/2018 c7 24Kitty in the Box
oh wow what a twist! I love love it. you just never know what to expect this time and what a great update. It was definitely worth the wait. what will you do now, Goku?
7/4/2018 c6 foxsqueen
His insisting her is so precious to me hahahaa.

But Goku you need more than your word and a promise to marry someone, are you sure you want to take this red ill?

Thank you sharing
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