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12/3/2017 c8 furballpoolfan19
i found this fic thro ur other 1 and i want furballpool to go to hoggarts too ?
12/3/2017 c1 poptropicadude54
hi i think this is good wow my favorite character is arca nist keep it up man
12/3/2017 c1 Slaine
Oh m,y god
12/3/2017 c1 dragons4lyfe
ummmm? why are there only 11 dragons?/? thats clearlyl nt enough m sorry 1/10 nees more gragons
12/3/2017 c8 DragonDonger
Wow this is the best fanfic I have ever read! I will recommend it to all my friends :)
12/3/2017 c8 Arca
i like now the little ships merged into one big ship at the end. oo wat if none of them know who the actual parents of there kids r bc they all dated so now they're all parents of the kids?

101/10 woudl read again
12/3/2017 c2 Ice Daddy
omgg here he is! icewardens the best

hahaha looser Hairry (get it? becayse hes HAIRRY) lets hope he gets kicked off the train xDD~
12/3/2017 c8 fite me
clearly ice is the secret 1 with he has those secret prison things pls fix
12/3/2017 c8 arca nist
10/10 this is the best story i've read so far
12/3/2017 c1 Ice Daddy
ummm hi this is a good one but wheres Icewaerdn? hes the best abd yuo should feature him more
12/3/2017 c1 dragonsrcool
amazing 10/10 would read again
i ship arcanist and harry

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