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2/9/2019 c1 Cindy Lou
Keep writing, we need it now more than ever!
3/13/2018 c1 anonsoul87
This is amazing. Seriously one of the best I’ve read. I would LOVE to see you do a series of one-shots with Dalton Whump like you are doing for CPD/Jay.
2/21/2018 c1 41Yesm777
I realized I never reviewed this story, and for that, I am ashamed. This was EXCELLENT. I loved the interactions, and I especially loved McGuire's reactions. You do a phenomenal job exploring character relationships, which happens to be my favorite thing in the whole world. Thank you, thank you for sharing, and I hope you write more for the fandom!
2/9/2018 c1 4MickyD777
OKAY. OKAY. WOW. this... this was everything i wanted - no, NEEDED - after that episode ended. there was so much potential for Top!whump and we were sadly denied, as usual. but this is absolutely perfect. i've read it 3 times in a row and i'm gonna go read it again. ;) haha. seriously. please write more for The Brave, because you do it really, really well. i'm obsessed. ;D x
1/21/2018 c1 Guest
Loved this and your Seal Team story more Adam and Clay whump please.
12/30/2017 c1 109I.Dream.Of.Hardyz
Holy. Wow. This was incredible. I read it a few weeks back on my phone while a passenger on a long car ride and I wished I could review then (but I can never log on via my phone). The Jaz line about cleaning her rifle literally had me laugh out loud - because it is so perfect and in character, and I think you brought a lot to the surface that we don't get to see on the show since it is only however much time per episode. I love whump and this is about as good as it gets, if you ask me! I also think it goes to show how tight the team is, and how well Top knows everyone. Great job. Best fic on the section thus far. :)
12/26/2017 c1 Chgrgal
Loved it please write more.
12/25/2017 c1 13Estel Kenobi
I have left a browser tab with this story open on my laptop for weeks struggling to come up with a review that can accurately sum up how much I adore it, how happy it makes me, how I could barely sit still I was so excited to read it the first time, how I keep coming back and re-reading it because it's amazing and everything I could have asked for in a tag to that episode, to try and list all the little countless things I love about it and how completely perfect it is from beginning to end... but I just CANNOT find the right words. There is just too much here to love to try and explain it all... but I still need to try let you know in some small imperfect way... so I can only apologize profusely for how unbelievably short this will fall from what this coda deserves.

A few of the things that I loved about this story...

The fact that you took the most obvious reason why Dalton dropped the exact same moment that Russian who had him in his cross-hairs fired his gun and just ran the fuck away with it. I had that thought watching the show and I rejoiced to see it play out here in such a spectacular way!

The fact that you were able to whump McGuire at the same time. YAAAAAY! I have been waiting for a scenario like this to play out on the show... I feel like it's only a matter of time before it happens but I can't promise that it will play out as beautifully as this did. Thank-you for making my dreams a reality at every turn.

For some reason that line about the tension in the chopper rising when Dalton doesn't answer is SO incredibly powerful.

Not having Dalton actually hide it from his team... at least not intentionally. I have seen that trope play out SO OFTEN in so many other fandoms but that is NOT the relationship that these people have with each other, that is made SO clear in the show, so yeah... they would TOTALLY be angry and feel betrayed. SO realistic. Everything from Dalton not realizing it because of shock and adrenaline, to still not forgetting that he has broken ribs as you run with this other issue and how McG handles it and how fucking spot on his actions are, to how everyone would react and ALL THE FEELINGS, to casually slipping in the fact that they ALL suffer nightmares from what they've done and been through to the point that it's just a routine they all have and yeah it's NOT entirely safe to wake any of them up from that, to just diving headfirst into the weight McGuire carries around all the time and how that would absolutely fuck with a person. ALL OF IT IS SO WELL DONE AND SO FUCKING REALISTIC I JUST CAN'T FUCKING DEAL WITH IT. It's too perfect. This shouldn't exist. But it does. And it makes me so SO happy.

My SINGLE complaint... the ONE thing that I feel like stood out as being fairly unrealistic... you went so far out of your way to express in such a profound way how seriously McGuire takes his role as team medic... how heavy that responsibility sits on his shoulders... I question that he would have to ASK what any member of his team's blood type is. I feel like he would have that shit memorized and put to fucking music if he had to with how easy it is for shit to go sideways in their line of work. (Not to mention that it's 100% cannon that Dalton makes a habit of being the one to take the worst risks) Now... if you tell me it's because it's a high stress situation and he wants to make absolutely fucking sure since he has the ability to do so... I will absolutely buy that. And this is just one small note in a sea of praise for something that shines like a motherfucking beacon for high quality fanfic at it's finest. I adore it and you.
12/18/2017 c1 Guest
Love this show! And yes, bring on more stories. I love how you balance the sequence of events with character development. Keep up the great work!
12/14/2017 c1 Guest
Love, love, love! I'm so glad someone finally posted about this! I've been waiting since that episode aired. There can always be more Top whump. I loved how you tied in the guilt to flesh out the story. Can't wait to see what else you write!
12/12/2017 c1 Guest
12/8/2017 c1 kabik2000
I loved the story!
12/6/2017 c1 Marlab
Great Whump! Yes please, more stories like this!
12/5/2017 c1 24Cheyennes
There were a lot of laughs in this story. I particularly liked the line about Jaz cleaning her rifle like a sociopath. :)
12/5/2017 c1 Shellymae88
Awe...I loved! I was wondering when someone would do a fic about this episode and you certainly didn't disappoint. Hopefully there's more coming! Good job!
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