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for A Different Psyche (Currently Under Reconstruction)

8/30/2019 c4 5Maximess
this story took a really sharp turn, but i am looking forward to the next chapter
7/24/2018 c4 Fenrir Wylde Razgriz
i'm new here and i love this!

and its vanilla
7/21/2018 c4 Mister Red Tie
Praise the Lord! The great writer is back to fulfil his prophecy, writing an awesome story of Dipper 'Zero' Pines! Glad to have you back, felt kind of sad when I saw that this might be a one-shot and will be neglected. But hey, you're back! And the unplanned things are usually the best ones.

P.S Chocolate chip ice cream

P.S.S Why do I get the feeling you get your inspiration from SCP (Secure, Contain and Protect) and KND (Kids Next Door)? Kind of interesting to see where the story leads btw.
7/20/2018 c4 3LucklessBlock86
I'm very pleased you are contiuing this story. Great chapter, I liked it. And I have a suggestion: Introduce Bill Cypher, maybe even get 'Zero' to have a short tussle with him, that will make the Gravity Falls experince so much more real.

P.S. I like mint chip.
6/3/2018 c3 CreedTheCheshire
mmmmmpretty good
4/24/2018 c3 dragon5321
like how you jumped forward in the story and if necessary to enlighten something later down the road you could Ashley's do a flash back scene but would love to see this continued for sure
4/18/2018 c3 The Book of Eli
Interesting very interesting...
4/15/2018 c2 LucklessBlock86
I really love this story and I appreciate the effort you put in for a good pick-me-up if you were to let me adopt it. I enjoy your writing style and I look foward yo reading more story's. -LucklessBlock86
4/12/2018 c3 LucklessBlock86
This was a good first story and I loved it. I don't want this story to gather dust and be forgotten. I request you let me continue this story of yours with a disclaimer at the beginning of each chapter. Thank you for reading this comment and I look forward to your response. -LucklessBlock86
2/12/2018 c3 The Book of Eli
On the short side but still interesting...
2/11/2018 c3 Goodboio
TBH I thought this was going to be very cringy but after reading I thought this was incredibly well done in the type of style your going for so keep up the great work would want to see more pls
2/11/2018 c3 waterboy12
it is a shame to hear you plan to not continue he this story. I happen to really e joy it, and looked forward to see how it would go. but I am not the creator of this story, and would t force you to continue up it. it was good for what you had posted, and it's sad that we won't get to see more of it.
2/10/2018 c3 PotatoBoyEntertainment
Well this story is amazing and I have reread the first 2 chapters at least 4-5 times I just could not get over how much I enjoyed them. I hope you don't stop "testing the waters" any time soon and I hope to read more in the future. Thanks for writing and have a good day.
2/5/2018 c1 Masorg157
I love this story to pieces it has amazing details, each character has their own personality that you could easily differentiate and overall the story is very thought out. I can't wait until you update again.!
2/2/2018 c2 2SonJubbi
This is amazing I hope you don’t abandon this please update soon thanks
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