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10/29/2021 c8 4LeviSkies
Guessing it does in fact not mean much coming from you that you would be uploading “tomorrow” as it’s been over 3 years
2/9/2019 c8 Guest
Yeah i'll update tomorrow... SRSLY?! IT'S BEEN LIKE 6 MONTHS!
11/22/2018 c8 Guest
9/8/2018 c8 2Chevalier Lecteur
Pssh! At least you updated within a day or two. I updated an entire week after I promised one! XD
7/16/2018 c7 1Kj-SuperFlashLover
Yeah I'm not a karivarry ship fan my ship is in the name but I'll check out her stories
7/15/2018 c7 47Artemis08Luna
I read a little of your story, and it's really good! I like the premise of it! I'll have to read more of it tho!

Anyway, I stumbled upon this chapter because my intuition told me to look haha! Just to clear it up: yes, I am a girl! :D also, I read your reviews on my stories and left you a private message!

(Also yeah, it's tough being one of the few people shipping such a non-existent ship ahaha not much fics!)
7/13/2018 c6 XxSuperFlashxX
You mind if you update more onto this? I just want to read about their preparations and date along with their thoughts
3/8/2018 c6 chloe
Fun chapter
2/8/2018 c6 Guest
Ummm. An update, please. I know that you're probably tired but, this story is so freaking amazing and it needs to be completed. Also... I can't help with the suggestions because I don't know if it's fancy or casual. Except that it will obviously be a good date. I also would like to see some Duet in this fanfic. I love the songs from Duet and I feel there was a lot of Karry in that episode so it might give some inspiration.
1/15/2018 c6 2Chevalier Lecteur
That was sweet!
1/9/2018 c6 hi
you can choose how the date goes
1/9/2018 c6 chloe
Nice chapter
1/10/2018 c6 EpicDCGuy334
How about Savitar ruins the date, Barry and Kara are on the date all happy then Savitar ruins it, yea so a bad date I my idea, you’re welcomed to use Do u know da way?
1/2/2018 c5 ILOVEAhsoka
hey great chapter i was wondering what is we are one is it a fan fiction site or something else
12/26/2017 c5 Chevalier Lecteur
Sorry for the lack of review, I read it and thought for sure I reviewed but here I am...
ANYWAY, Very sweet chapter.
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