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2/26/2022 c7 20madie080802
That was a really fun, action-packed chapter. Thanks for sharing.
2/26/2022 c6 iiNeo
Oh nooo. Oc unspeakable that knows absolutely everything about Harrys life strikes again. I swear these fucking garbage fics that make researchers into god's that can beat Voldemort and Dumbeldore like their children.
4/7/2021 c3 muffdyvr
another shit fic where harry is suppose to be powerfull
yet isnt.
he just won a war with the supposed most powerfull dark lord,
yet a fucken unspeakable is more powerfull then dumbie and voldi.
7/23/2020 c4 1kittyranma
Well I'm way behind in the marvel universe movies etc.
So I think I'll stop reading this now as I can tell this probably will have spoilers.
9/6/2019 c6 2BadReader
Aside from Cyborg Sirius, it all turned out pretty well. A Sirius Cyborg is just odd and immersion breaking every time I read it.
8/29/2019 c4 ptrtool1999
Enjoying the story very much so far. Hope to see it continue steady and strong.
8/28/2019 c6 jcampbellohten
Wands are mostly a Western civilization thing in the _Harry Potter_ setting. A lot of the world uses wandless magic. It's not "mythical" or some astounding feat. Watch the vision scene between Thor and Odin at the end of _Thor: Ragnarok_ and replace "hammer" with "wand", and that's what wands are to witches and wizards.

I won't correct you on how Harry would address Lupin and Sirius only because this clearly is a much alternate universe.

Props to you for recognizing that "the Universe" is a proper noun. However, "[g]ods" is not one.

I like the Sachetan scene. If the Mind Gem bearer's mantle is an original idea (I'm unfamiliar with the comics), I commend you for coming up with it.
8/27/2019 c4 dnck
the whole going insane thing really cliche
8/27/2019 c3 sakursucks
ok the whole idea with the unspeakable is utter BS and the whole we needed to seem neutral bah what a load of garbage ... then there is the whole control issues they have they are showing themselves to be the type of people who bend with the wind ... what i mean by that is that they will go in the direction of the victor if they victor was voldy then they would get on their knees and say hail voldy if harry won as he did they would question and question and question and then after all their questions they would still look at him and question themselves if they should leave him be or kill him
7/3/2019 c2 jcampbellohten
I like the style of prose you used in the first chapter, but I don't like that you applied that to people's speech. It's good for narration, but it's not how most people talk.
7/3/2019 c1 jcampbellohten
It would be interesting if the Reality Stone/Aether was in the Elder Wand. I can't think of why else it would trigger an infinity stone-related mechanism.
5/21/2019 c5 11stars90
Wow... I almost felt sorry for Fury there
5/21/2019 c5 Halo Star Wars X-over fan
Ok there’s so many problems with this chapter when it comes to Bruce it’s really hard to explain.

First off due to this being a combined universe it’s pretty common to have Hulk be extremely resistant to Magic. However that is depending on the author.
Secondly the Hulk is most definitely not the type that would go after civilians if his “main target” goes down, he’s only done that when he had thoughts and feelings implanted by the Scarlet Witch.
Thirdly then Harry went into Bruce’s mind he should of nearly died because the Hulk is inside Bruce’s mind, and would of tried to kill the intruder. Reason this didn’t happen to the witch was because she wasn’t actually going into his mind.
Lastly Bruce is fairly OOC in parts

Others as well however I figure this is probably enough to explain or should what’s wrong with Bruce at least.
3/6/2019 c4 Nagraj
If Captain Marvel beats Thanos in Endgame then it will be worst than fan's reaction of Last Jedi from which Marvel won't recover.
9/28/2018 c3 Nagraj
Like to see how Thanos would react when he finds out that Harry is the master of death and lady death bound to him.
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