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10/4 c52 151Ally R. Swan
Finally reading this now. And oh Ryan, your father is not a father. He is not a real dad. Hopefully the cohens will be able to get him to come back to his true home. Update soon
6/10 c51 Ally R. Swan
Awe, seeing Ryan and Clark like that, its nice to see him and also Seth just be boys with some rough play after everything they have been through. Poor Tom, I love how Murphy almost made Sandy fall over. Must be a fun afternoon bringing the Dog ad well. Was glad to see an update to this :)
6/10 c51 Dixie.f.9
Sandy is getting to see what it would be like to have a house full of kids. And I have a greater appreciation for the health of the ones he does have.
4/12 c50 Ally R. Swan
Awe I loved how Summer told Seth that she never blamed him even though Luke and Even Julie did. Summer is so right and I loved how polite Seth was for showing her out. Good intuition Sandy, Ryan was never the best liar but either way Sandy can always figure something is wrong when it comes to him. Hopefully he can get it out of him. Update soon.
3/22 c49 Ally R. Swan
Oh man that's gotta hurt for Ryan. Oh man poor Seth, Luke is just a jerky little kid. I didn't get a notification this was updated...weird...just happened to see it was updated yesterday. Anyways update soon.
3/9 c48 Ally R. Swan
Well that was short but hopefully there will be more soon. I am finally caught up! Anyways...oh I wonder if Ryan can make friends or somerhing. Oh no Frank...ugh he drives me crazy here. No he cant take Ryan! Noooo! Update soon because I wanna see what happens.
3/9 c47 Ally R. Swan
Awe Ryan wants to have friends over. That should be fun to see. Haha Charlie and the chocolate factory...i love that movie. :) only one chapter left...
3/9 c44 Ally R. Swan
Add on to my review for this chapter with your authors note. Man, I agree that Seth and all of them go through a lot. Just because Ryan went through alot more and has alot worse to deal with does not deminish what Seth went through or what Kirsten and Sandy went through. What is their pain is theirs and whats Ryan's is Ryan's. Anyways...i just had to say that
3/9 c46 Ally R. Swan
Ah that was nice and surely Seth feels good about it. Awe he decided to keep that one. :)
3/9 c45 Ally R. Swan
Oh my gosh Frank...i can't even with him. Poor Ryan.
3/9 c44 Ally R. Swan
Ah Kirsten is pregnant and she just forgot! Yes! Oh she thinks its a boy? So they won't have Sophie Rose...or will they? Oh Ryan and Seth playing games...they had to at some point. They can get past the awkwardness.
3/9 c43 Ally R. Swan
Poor Seth. Oh well Ryan is working hard on that. But hopefully he doesn't push himself too far. That Tom is an interesting character.
3/9 c42 Ally R. Swan
It used to be a weird for me to bring up and write down but now i will just talk about periods and tampons like a regular conversation...its so normal and we all have them essentially so it shouldn't be such uncomfortable subject but thats just me. Anyways...i wonder whats going on with Kirsten. Is she completely sure she isn't pregnant? It could have happened before Thailand but she doesn't remember...maybe...Oh well. Hopefully we find out soon.
3/9 c41 Ally R. Swan
Though I hate that the slap happened because of personal experience I do see it being very realistic and it had to happen in a way. Hopefully Ryan never finds put though. Oh man poor Ryan and Seth. Oh Ryan, he should get a prosthetic leg and he needs to realize he does belong here in this world. Poor Seth, he has been hit before probably by Luke and others. If Ryan ever attends with him or they see Luke around, I would love to see Ryan protect Seth. That was always great in the show. Oh yeah...Kirsten is about to go all mama bear. I could easily see that.
3/9 c40 Ally R. Swan
I hope Kirsten ends up being okay. I wonder could be wrong if she isnt pregnant. Oh Summer came by. Oh gosh I could definitely see Seth doing people's homework as an attempt to make friends. Poor thing. Oh no...go back to chino. Uh oh...i wonder whats gonna happen next.
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