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I hope that you finish this someday, love to see what happens next.
6/23/2019 c1 ShadowAssassinCat24
I'd love a second chapter of this.
11/19/2018 c1 1ErisFootWorshipper
well done laddy
11/1/2018 c1 I-Nex-I
I liked it!
4/18/2018 c1 6Merceni
Enjoyed your story, pretty well written short Drabble, I liked how Darkness and Kazuma interacted and your characterizations of them.
3/24/2018 c1 2Syclone903
Finally. Best girl gets a good fic. Please continue this!
12/10/2017 c1 Nobody
A Darkness/Kazuma fic, lovely. I can't wait to continue reading it. Good job so far.
12/7/2017 c1 Awko
this is a good one.
keep going man, i like it.
12/7/2017 c1 Guest
I believe this is the first "proper" KazumaxDarkness fic I've seen in this site. This, my friend, makes me happy. I was curious to see how one would write about these two, and so far it has been nice. Keep up the good work.

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