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4h c8 Hana no Somei
I don't mean to sound rude but might I ask when the next chapter will be available
6h c3 Guest
I don't think you were cliche using the 'mobs'. For one, YOUR MOBS still attack Naruto DESPITE KNOWING HE IS Minato's son, unlike everyone else whom makes Konoha bow to Naruto when his heritage is suddenly revealed.

However in regards to your harem. You said Hinata is overused, but you're including Tsunade, Mei, and Shizuka. They are not only also overused, but there's REALLY no way you can make it work, believe me, I've tested the idea, unless you make Naruto like Sasuke or Orochimaru, it won't work. For starters, there's only two ways to write Shizuka. Either you keep it canon where her lover died and she's too jaded, not to mention STILL GRIEVING to hook up with Naruto, OR you ignore canon and keep her as a single kunoichi from Nadeshiko. Either way, it won't work, if you choose the latter, Shizuka is from a MATRIARCHAL VILLAGE these kinds of women will NOT give in to a dominant male like Naruto, they're going to butt heads. It's like the Injustice series (both games and comics) where Wonder Woman becomes Superman's rebound girl. Seriously? Does someone really think a WOMAN who is a FIERCE WARRIOR is going to submit to a MAN?! And the simple fact is, you cannot have two dominants in a relationship, it doesn't work, that is why divorce rates are so high, ESPECIALLY in America. You can both respect each other, you can do the whole 'ask your mother' or 'ask your father' thing out of respect, but if your dominant personalities start UNDERMINING the other's authority, they're going to become resentful, and your relationship is doomed. THIS is what would happen if Naruto hooked up with Shizuka. I'm not going to say the same for Anko or Tsume, even though both are strong women, but they were NOT RAISED in a society that VIEWS MEN as WEAKER, and Tsume comes from a clan that has the instincts of wolves, where the Alpha rules. It would make more sense if Naruto proves dominance and Tsume submits than it would with Shizuka, whom would only grow resentful.

Mei and Tsunade both just have bad taste in men. For Tsunade, SHE was originally in love with Orochimaru... just... ewww. MEI found SASUKE attractive... which I don't see how someone who's whole body is skinnier than her thigh and wears an ass-bow rope with a duck-ass style haircut is attractive, but whatever, but the point is, everyone BITCHES about SAKURA, a TEENAGE GIRL being smitten with the 'class hottie', yet they're cool with a COUGAR who is BARELY younger than Tsunade, robbing the cradle?

As for Hinata, NaruHina stories are no longer common and those that do exist now focus on them as a background couple (usually revolving around Boruto), and if the issue is because of Naruto having a different character, keep in mind CANON HINATA exists ONLY BECAUSE she idolized CANON NARUTO, so it would make sense that if Naruto is DIFFERENT than canon, then Hinata would be different too. I'm doing so in the story I'm working on (which is a NarutoxDC crossover) where Naruto grew up a criminal and a bad-ass, as a result, Hinata in my story is like a Yakuza Princess while Naruto's just a fucking hardcore bad-ass (FYI, in my story, Naruto is a cold-blooded killer and kingpin, who's going to be the 'rival' of 'Young Justice'. Though some of the girls from YJ will be joining his harem).

I also don't see Karen (whom I will NOT address as an Uzumaki) being a good candidate considering she's a WORSE fan-girl than Sakura EVER was, not to mention WAY MORE USELESS, Samui, who seems to lack emotions, or Kurotsuchi... whom by the way WANTED TO KILL NARUTO JUST TO AVOID THE AKATSUKI!
1/24 c1 milessmith1111
This is one hell of a way to start off a story. I can't wait to read the rest.
1/22 c8 Guest
I'm looking forward to the continuation of the story.
1/19 c8 Razma2468
having read a couple of Kushina abandons Naruto stories, I gotta say this is one of the best so far. I personally enjoy the way you're portraying Naruto with the whole two different personalities, considering it would make sense for him to have a "work mode" and "personal mode". It still feels like Naruto isn't over the trauma of being abandoned but has more so tried to just cut it all away which makes sense, but I do hope he does have a moment with Kushina to vent everything out. not anytime soon of course the pain kushina feels is deserved and I hope is played upon. can wait for the next chapter im really excited to see how Naruto has dealt with the war and what comes of it. keep up the great work!
1/19 c8 Guest josh
Love this story can you add Kyuub, Ahri, Mikoto, Kushina, Mei, Tayuya ,Mito Uzumaki Namikaze.,Moto Uzumaki (The First Moto),Kairn Uzumaki,Samui,Yugito Nii, Yugao Uzuki, and Kaguya Otsutsuki.?
Also can u add Rias gremory ,Yasaka and others from highschool DXD ?
Can't wait for you to come back to writing again.
1/17 c1 7Devashish Karatolios
Tayuya is an uzumaki :). I’d love to see shion, but I don’t mind no matter who it is in the harem just as long as the lemons are decent quality
1/5 c6 Eddyg125
Well this was a good run but this story is not for me, good luck.
1/4 c3 Eddyg125
Is the demon change a slow thing because the wolves shouldn't have been as big of a problem. Also what the heck happened to his training? I would have thought he had no training if this chapter happened before everything else. Overall it seems like he took a step forward only to take two backwards.
1/1 c1 Guest
Please for the love of god please update the wolfs successor please and when u do if u do please add lady Germory, Yasaka, Revan and the other girls please
12/29/2021 c8 dukkeh216
Your story is kinda like that "sealkeeper" one but without everyone in leaf village being braindead alongside kushina... which means that it's actually good. IMO the idea of somehow bringing back mito uzumaki just to make her part of naruto's harem doesn't really fit with this story (so far). Also I think you should make Naruto abandon just his maternal(if that is even correct term for that) surname and leave him as Namikaze Naruto, since you've never shown that Naruto resents him for giving him a "costly" waifu and (in canon) Namikaze wasn't a ninja clan.
12/29/2021 c8 astonjustin92
Keep up the work i want read more
12/21/2021 c5 Autobot-Wolfsketch
Well Kushina lost a son it was her own fault, but great chapter. my vote for the Wolf on the summons and Fem Kyuubi, Ahri, Kushina. Mikoto, Mito Uzumaki Namikaze.
12/21/2021 c5 Autobot-Wolfsketch
This story is really good from what I've read and my picks are Kyuub, Ahri, Mikoto, Kushina, Mei, Tayuya, Kurenai for the voting. but again great story and chapter.
12/20/2021 c8 madstack
You should read some serious literature.
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