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for Talia - Protectores Mundus

2/8 c61 Umaru the Unfeathered
Also wasn't the Anderfals fantasy Germania? With a name like Weisshaupt...
1/12 c62 Umaru the Unfeathered
Fuck, man, I can't stand thisssss. I hope so badly that it's not too late for Daveth. The kidnapped love one trope and the anxiety involvwd always makes it so hard to engage with anything else in the story until it's resolved.
11/15/2020 c6 Guest
Oh man I love this book are you got a serious problem Bangkorai it's no longer a kingdom with High Rock current map a modern-day High Rock shows bangkorai is within Hammerfell now
5/16/2020 c62 Ase Of SpADeZ
4/8/2020 c1 Metal Rust
I hope that you're ok and we can the read the next book seven
2/21/2020 c62 Guest
Oh, another book? Cool!
2/21/2020 c61 Guest
I still think Alma is a future version of Talia that went back in time
1/22/2020 c62 icicle.c.cold
Hehehehe, good stuff.
Talia is as fiery as ever I see... and as vulgar. Feeling sorry for Aedan, especially when she gives him puppy eyes.
I had to stifle some heavy laughter at poor Philippe's suffering...
Vodka is NOT nice stuff. Just the fumes can make people get drunk, and the fumes burn your nose. I hate the stuff myself.

Always looking forward to your next chapter.
1/17/2020 c62 Monshroud
Well, all in all, great fic!

Didn't see Flemeth or Morrigan, which was a bummer, but at least we go Vivienne getting traumatized by Alma, so I'm looking forward to seeing "Madame de Fer" still smarting over such a HUMILIATING defeat and how her Circle was so utterly decimated.

As to the Thalmor, yeah, HUGE threat, although plenty Thedasians of all races and types are going to be pretty confused over why the hell they should be worried about a bunch of foreign elves that believe in such a crazed suicidal cause.
1/8/2020 c62 Metal Rust
Hope to hear from you soon
Talia's brother can hope you bring him in soon
1/6/2020 c62 Eternalking500
Interesting chapter, hope you update again soon.
12/31/2019 c61 Metal Rust
Happy New Year everyone
12/22/2019 c61 Metal Rust
Your back hope to hear from you soon
12/21/2019 c61 Eternalking500
Awesome chapter, hope you update again soon, i can't wait to see what the general wanted from talia.
11/11/2019 c60 icicle.c.cold
Alistair was a half-elf!?
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