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for The Reaper Fairy

3/21/2019 c13 AzureFlare
This was great, the cliffhanger was near perfect I mostly deducted points because cliffhangers, other than that good job and I hope you keep up the good work, it noel, lambda, and nu meet Ragna I'll be looking forward to it.
3/1/2019 c9 25DredgenVayn
The man in the cloak is Relius Clover, but who is the attacker?
2/26/2019 c13 RoyalTwinFangs
Not bad.
2/25/2019 c13 Wlyman2009
well it's not the best excuse but at least its something. although a fight between ragna and the susanoo would cause some serious destruction. interested in seeing that again
1/8/2019 c12 1infiniteshadow72
I have a question regarding Soul Eater here. According to the wiki magic of Blazblue and Fairy tail are diffrent in some aspects and in the Tartaros arc one of the Entherious who has the ability to absorb souls said that magic would not work on him since magic has souls themselves and by absorbing the souls of magic he can, in extent, absorb the magic itself which he showcases by absorbing Natsu's magic based attack and considering how powerful Ragna's soul eater is (being able to effect the souls of being who are specificly made to have resistance to nigh invulnarability to soul based attacks and has the ability to kill immortals as stated by Rachel in CS where she says Ragna can kill Noel with Soul Eater where even Hakumen, who has abilities specificly made to kill immortals, cannot.) I kinda wonder what you plan to do with that fact.
1/2/2019 c12 MechanicalHero36
This story is great please continue I wonder what happens next and I wanna know please. This is awesome.
12/15/2018 c12 Forest1395101
No Flare in the harem? That sucks ass :(
12/15/2018 c3 Forest1395101
I hope you don't intend to pair Nu, or Noel with Ragna. That would be literal incest...
12/15/2018 c1 Forest1395101
Pretty good so far. Their are a few grammar issues such as an early sentence when Ragna asks the old guy to take him to Fairy Tail, it's worded as a command and not a question.

Also, who will the harem be if no Fairy Tail females are a part of it?

Lastly, while I prefer harems, it won't end well if your forcing yourself to write a harem when you don't like, NEVER write what you don't enjoy, that is the fastest way to hate your own work.
12/10/2018 c12 Kinaki747
Azrael in the Susanoo unit? O.o
11/28/2018 c12 DB-20
So is this mysterious character a actually character from Blazblue or a OC
11/27/2018 c12 Wlyman2009
okay. I'm sorry. but what the hell are you writing. now the damn susanooh unit. no one should even have that thing.
11/8/2018 c11 Dread
Well that was at least in my opinion a really nice story. Well long story or short nice story and wish you a good time with whatever you are doing. And please if you read this don't try to rush just to please. There are alot of good starts to storys and I can see most of them get rushed to please the hungry maw of readers (like I said crazy mind). Take your time because for a good story many are willing to rather wait. So bye and take care~

P.S " Please update. Okay... Thank you, and good bye~
10/25/2018 c7 DB-20
So...will Flare be in Ragna's harem
9/18/2018 c11 Ghen-Kenko
Wow, this story is amazing
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